TRU Exclusive Spirit and Quick Kick in stock at

A big thanks to SteelCity86 of for noticing that how as the Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife and Quick Kick in stock!  Check out the links below:

Go get ’em!

“IDW and their ‘Bro” SDCC Panel Recap

Somewhat overdue, Comic Book Resources has posted a recap of the IDW and Hasbro SDCC Panel, though honestly not much new G.I. Joe related information was revealed.  Below you can find the text of the recap, which was pulled from CBR directly.

“Schmidt nicknamed September’s “G.I.Joe Origins”#19 “Silent Crescendo” as it features a silent Snake-Eyes story by Larry Hama and Joe Benitez. Hama noted that he actually choreographed the fight sequences for the layouts with weapons from his own collection. IDW will also release a recolored reprint of the classic G.I.Joe story “Silent Interlude” with a new cover by Ashley Wood as a retailer incentive.

“G.I.Joe Origins” #20 in October by David Lapham and Werther Dell’Edera will feature “Sedition By Numbers,” a story that introduces a new character and “a horrifying insight into the Cobra organization.”

In the last week of September, IDW will publish “G.I.Joe Cobra Special” by Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso that will feature fan favorite character Erika Le Tene in “The Trial Of Erika Le Tene.” The story will pick up where the events in IDW’s “G.I.Joe: Cobra” left off while “G.I.Joe: Cobra” Issues #10 through #13 by Christos Gage, Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso finishes the Cobra Commander & Chuckles trilogy. The subsequent storyline of the series will feature the origin of the Croc-Master.

Schmidt joked that the storyline in issue #23 through #27 of the ongoing “G.I.Joe” series by Chuck Dixon and Robert Atkins would be entitled “Critical Mass…or Mass Destruction” and noted that the storyline not only concluded “Season One” of “G.I.Joe” but also introduced Storm Shadow to current Joe continuity.”

So, as I said, not a whole lot of new information, but some information, just the same.  Check out the original article over on Comic Book Resources for cover images and other little tidbits.

G.I. Joe Review interviews IDW Editor Andy Schmidt

I’ve been woefully lax in updating folks as to when the great guys at the G.I. Joe: Review Podcast post their updates, but I’m going to fix that right now.  Christopher, Matt, and Chad had a chance to sit down and talk with IDW Editor Andy Schmidt about the G.I. Joe comic book universe, and all of the details about the podcast are below.  Thanks as always to the guys there for putting out a terrific show and for keeping me in the loop!

G.I.Joe Review Episode 039 – Interview with IDW Editor Andy Schmidt

(1:02:54) Interview with IDW Editor Andy Schmidt.

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Canadian JoeCon Convention Exclusive Cobra North Elite Guard revealed!

And wow is it an impressive reveal!

Canadian JoeCon is coming, and the hits keep on rolling!  Check out the latest figure right here on…absolutely incredible looking figure.  Incredible!  I’m amazed that a combination of such relatively common (and unheralded) parts can generate such impressive results.

Very, very nice.

For all of your Canadian JoeCon information wants and needs, check out

New Avengers Animated trailer is pretty– HOLY CRAP AWESOME!

I was never a big Avengers fan as a kid…even loving the Marvel Comics and loving Captain America, I much preferred more down to Earth stories over the wild and crazy space-bound cosmic stuff that perpetuated the Avengers universe.  But between now and 2012, something tells me I’m gonna be an Avengers fan.

Really, my dislike for Avengers is kind of irrational.  I’ve always loved Iron Man.  I’ve always loved Cap.  I’ve always loved Hawkeye.  But for some reason put them all together and make a team out of them, and it has done nothing for me.

This, however does something for me.  Something I probably shouldn’t describe here…  anyway, check out these 120 full seconds of awesomeness below.

Trailer comes courtesy of Comic Book Resources (thanks to Fred of JBL for pointing it out to me).  Man it’s a good time to be a geek!

New Pursuit of Cobra Dusty and Night Fox images

Keep in mind that I really don’t like desert figures.  I never really have.  Yet, for some reason, the figure that I was most drawn to with those unreleased Target sets was Sandstorm…for some reason I just thought he was awesome.  Whether it was the story with Zartan, or the desert camouflage and reactive armor combination…I’m not sure why, but that figure really drew me in.

And now, The Pursuit of Cobra keeps up the trend.  Dusty, coming in Wave 2, is one of the cooler Joe figures I’ve seen in recent memory.  Night Fox as well, who is slated to come with the upcoming AWE Striker, is another fantastic looking desert themed figure.  Combine that with the HISS v.5 I already have, and suddenly I have a veritable desert arsenal, and they’re all cool!

Gyre-Viper from, of course, doesn’t help much when he keeps posting great pictures…I love some of the gear swaps he shows off in this thread, and I’ve mirrored just a few of the awesome images below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Resolute Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Joining the ranks of my G.I. Joe: Resolute reviews, the infamous sword brothers Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have now been reviewed!  See how they stack up on the G.I. Joe: Resolute Review page.

The Alexx Shorts make a return with Pursuit of Cobra Alpha Vehicles

It’s been a while since I’ve featured any of the awesome “Alexx Shorts” here, but mostly just because there hasn’t been a whole lot of new product for him to talk about, or take pictures of.  But that has certainly changed recently…

When I saw his take on the two latest Alpha vehicles, the Ghost Hawk and the Doom Cycle, I just had to repost them here…even with a few months of down time he hasn’t lost his touch.  The original threads can be found at JoeBattleLines, I’ve also linked them below just above the image galleries.

Alexx Shorts – Ghost Hawk

Alexx Shorts – Doom Cycle

GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe: Resolute Reviews – BONUS!

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I love these Resolute toys.  I really, really, REALLY love these Resolute toys.  I know everyone labels me a Hasbro fanboy anyway, so that probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but my love for these Resolute toys goes beyond my normal love for the normal cool toys.

While I am fired up for the Pursuit of Cobra items and I love what I’m seeing there, too, for some reason the look and feel of G.I. Joe: Resolute just has me on cloud nine.  It’s a little bitter sweet, because I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything else from this awesome Resolute universe, but if this is it, it’s a great last stand.

Granted, there were aspects of the Resolute story that certainly were not perfect, but the big drawing point were the designs, and seeing those designs translated into 3 3/4″ plastic form is absolutely awesome.  So, of course, since I’m so ramped up, I couldn’t just stop at two reviews posted today…  here are FOUR more.  These are all linked at the G.I. Joe: Resolute Reviews Page, or you can check them out individually below:

So that’s a total of eight of the fourteen figures…  I might even get the last six posted tomorrow.  But I don’t want to shortchange my “Review-A-Rama” too much!

Anyway, check ’em out above.

G.I. Joe: The Movie hits TODAY on DVD and Blu-Ray!

A scant twenty-three years after it’s initial broadcast, the infamous G.I. Joe: The Movie hits retail shelves today on Blu-Ray or DVD.  Produced by Shout! Factory, the movie finally rounds off the long awaited process many fans have gone through waiting for the entire collection of Sunbow features to be released to mass retail on DVD.

The ’87 animated movie will forever be a point of contention and talking point among the G.I. Joe fandom, so don’t miss your chance to own this DVD today.

GeneralsJoes will be reviewing this in its entirety very shortly, but trust me when I say it’s worth a look.  It holds up surprisingly well over two decades after it initially aired.  Granted, I thought it was pretty damn cheesy back then, and these days I’ve learned to better appreciate the finer arts of Sunbow ham, but I still don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  If for nothing else, Buzz Dixon’s excellent commentary.

Pick up your copy today!