GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra TRU Firefly

Okay, now that the Resolute figures are done, I’m moving back into “flashback” phase and trying to catch up, just a little bit.  I’m just sneaking this one in under the wire, as we’re approaching midnight here on the East Coast.

The TRU exclusive “Headquarters for Heroes” Firefly figure was the highlight figure of the first onslaught of Rise of Cobra figures, yet for some bizarre reason, I never reviewed it.  Well that changes right now.

Feel free to hit up my past Rise of Cobra reviews as well, if you’re bored on a Saturday night…

2 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra TRU Firefly

  1. “With the recent release of both the G.I. Joe: Resolute Firefly and the Pursuit of Cobra Firefly, this figure is in an interesting position, but he easily competes with the other two for sheer coolness.”

    There’s a lot of figures that had a 25th, RoC, PoC, & Resolute version, or maybe just 3 of the 4. You often mention this in your reviews, but it would be interesting to see a page where you compare the various versions of each character that came out in such quick succession (imo) and tell which one you prefer.

  2. With this TRU Firefly being so close to the Resolute version at least visually and also as a great action figure, it nullifies the need for any more of this formula. The best update with current Hasbro technology and design is hard to find fault with. The only one truly to compete with it for bada$$ coolness IMHO is the PoC 2010 Firefly. The two stand pretty tall on the scale of awesome.

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