GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Resolute Flint and Destro!

The week is drawing to a close, and I’m still rolling along with the G.I. Joe: Resolute reviews!  Today I tackle two of the most popular characters in these 7-packs, Flint and Destro.  You can also, of course, hit up the G.I. Joe: Resolute Review Page to get caught up on all of the Resolute reviews I’ve done so far!

Tomorrow we conclude with reviews of Stalker, Zartan, and a special “recap review” of both box sets!

8 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Resolute Flint and Destro!

  1. Man, Flint blew my socks off! what a great, great figure! This one along with BeachHead are going to be my favorites, i’m sure, and i haven’t gotten them yet!

  2. My Resolute sets came in the mail yesterday, and I gotta say Flint is freaking awesome. Great mold, especially his head, and his webgear is great.

  3. I have to disagree with you on one point. Flint, most definitely, needed a better head sculpt. The only head sculpt I of Flint’s I was even remotely okay with was the JvC figure, but the body mold wrecked that. It’s nice to see him having a decent sculpted head finally, I’m glad they went to the trouble of doing that.

  4. Rich’s…. dude does that ever bring me back. Makes me think of all the other defunct stores. Bradlees, Stuart’s, Child World.. lol

    I got my Resolute sets yesterday and they look very sweet. Now I regret skipping Resolute Duke and Resolute Cobra Troopers. I’ll have to snag them on the secondary market because I definitely need them to go with these sets.

  5. Now we’re talking! lol

    Both of these figures are amazing. Finally a killer Flint head sculpt. Not perfect but after the dismal single carded 25th one and the “I’m stuck on the toilet and something has gone very wrong” one with the 2009 5-pack, this one just wows me.

    Destro is nigh perfect. I fully agree he needed a different head sculpt, but besides that minor quirk, he is just awesome.

  6. Yes on Flint! A definitive version of him if ever there was one. I’ve always dug Flint more than Duke – A bad-ass, literate helicopter pilot who gets Lady Jaye! This rendition is the show. Perfect rating for a great fig.

  7. Ah, now those two are worth buying the sets for!

    Now, is it just the pic, or does Flint have grey hair?

  8. @Alexx: Yeah, Flint definitely has grayish hair. It’s not terribly noticeable unless you’re looking at it from the back, though. It’s definitely lighter than the black beret.

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