New Avengers Animated trailer is pretty– HOLY CRAP AWESOME!

I was never a big Avengers fan as a kid…even loving the Marvel Comics and loving Captain America, I much preferred more down to Earth stories over the wild and crazy space-bound cosmic stuff that perpetuated the Avengers universe.  But between now and 2012, something tells me I’m gonna be an Avengers fan.

Really, my dislike for Avengers is kind of irrational.  I’ve always loved Iron Man.  I’ve always loved Cap.  I’ve always loved Hawkeye.  But for some reason put them all together and make a team out of them, and it has done nothing for me.

This, however does something for me.  Something I probably shouldn’t describe here…  anyway, check out these 120 full seconds of awesomeness below.

Trailer comes courtesy of Comic Book Resources (thanks to Fred of JBL for pointing it out to me).  Man it’s a good time to be a geek!

6 thoughts on “New Avengers Animated trailer is pretty– HOLY CRAP AWESOME!

  1. The animation’s ok but I’m not digging the theme song.

    HOWEVER, the comics fan in me is loving the shots of all the villians like Constrictor, Arnim Zola, Grim Reaper, Whirlwind, etc. Plus there are references to Punisher and Man-Thing in the paper that cabbie is reading.

    Not to mention Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Black Widow.

    I am definateky checking this out when it hits

  2. That theme song is terrible. And I think they screwed up Hawkeye, Ultimate style.

    Other than that, certainly looking better than the last try at an Avengers cartoon.

  3. I will watch this, but it seems to have the same “just below DC” production values that most of the recent Marvel animation has had. The prospects are good, however, that this will have some merit for sure.

    And I agree…Young Justice seems leagues better. (See what I did there?)

  4. Eudardo: It’s mostly just a feel, I guess, but by having him only show up in the trailer in a SHIELD transport, gearing up with Black Widow, it gives off the ‘focused professional’ vibe of the Ultimate version, rather than the ‘cocky, argumentative show off’ of the classic 616 version.

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