GeneralsJoes reviews Wal-Mart Exclusive LAW Battle Station

I bet you guys thought I was going to forget my “review of the day” today, didn’t you?  In all of the “Hub” hubbub, it sorta got lost in the shuffle, but I gotta keep up my end of the bargain.  I’ve already covered the Wal-Mart exclusive Heatseeker and Outpost Defender, but in the interest of filling in those holes, here is the Laser Artillery Weapon!

Of course you can find that review and many others linked back to the Rise of Cobra Review Page.


3 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews Wal-Mart Exclusive LAW Battle Station

  1. I really wanted this set for the Hawk, but never saw it at retail and haven’t been able to find Hawk on his own for sell or trade (for a decent price, anyway).

  2. Never realized there was that much difference in the head paint between the two Hawks. Gotta say, I like the single packs head a bit better. Still a very nice figure, though.

  3. I was wondering how folks viewed the LAW before I knew this new one came out?

    I still have the one I’ve had since possibly 1986! It has served as a mini-base by itself, but in more modern times, it has become a support station. Often sitting next to the ’83 HQ as added defensive firepower.

    In modern days, I’ve started wondering what the LAW “shoots?” It is a laser weapon, but the cannon looks more like what is one the WHALEs deck… a straight pair of artillery cannons. So, I’ve begun thinking the LAW is more a laser-targeting common shell shooting artillery system. It’s the most accurate system and fastest in that it can target low-flying aircraft.

    Then again, once the imagination gets grounded, there really isn’t much more to the LAW, is there?

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