PoC HISS Tank color change coming down the pipe?

So as I filter through the pictures coming out of SDCC from Toy News International, something strikes me.

The Pursuit of Cobra HISS seen here.

That thing is black.  Like totally black.  Like just how the fan’s wanted to see it totally black.  Very interesting.  Running change?  Another release?  Trick of the light?  Hopefully folks attending SDCC can get us some answers.

6 thoughts on “PoC HISS Tank color change coming down the pipe?

  1. That thing is black as midnight.

    Dang, I just bought a brown one. I would have totally held off for a black one if I thought they’d actually do it.

    Oh well, two HISS tanks for me. Maybe this time I’ll actually be able to get the stickers on decent…

  2. im wondering if its just the lighting. I was looking over my pics from JoeCon and in some the tank looked jet black, others it was brownish. Weird.

  3. I think it is a trick of the light. The driver looks darker too. I’d like it in black, but over on YoJoe someone used some Krylon spray paint and made a white arctic version, so I’d think a black version would be easy enough with a few dollars of paint and a few hours time.

  4. i dunno actually that thing looks black as night. and the pics are popping up all over the place.
    now all hasbro has to do is recall the brown batch.

  5. Panzer grey isn’t terrible, but that doesn’t make the tread chassis look less playmobile-ish. The whole thing is growing on me though.

  6. I’m guessing that the designers original intent was for the HISS to be Grey. Someone else probably decided for it to be the “Desert” vehicle and ordered for it to be painted brown.

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