Video “review” of Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor

As an addendum to his excellent flurry of images, Gyre Viper has also posted a pair of YouTube videos showcasing this new Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor figure coming in early 2011 from Hasbro.  This gives us a great look at the actual operability of the figure and the armor and tells us more than pictures alone possibly could.  Check out the embedded videos below!

6 thoughts on “Video “review” of Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor

  1. Wow! That first one was incredibly painful to watch.

    My admiration to you Gyre-Viper for not even cursing under your breath. Lesser men would have thrown that thing against the wall…lol.

    While the cycle seems cool, the whole transformation seems fairly complex. Guess we’re no longer in kid friendly territory here.

    Not sure what to think of this thing. Standing still it looks boring, both vehicle and figure having bland colors. The transformation is the appealing part, but looking at how well (sacrcasm) that works, I don’t know.

    Mechs, Cycle armor. Slowly GIJoe is starting to feel like another one of my favorite 80’s cartoons……

    Oh and a BIG thank you to you, Gyre-Viper. These videos are awesome. No words or still pictures can let us understand so clearly what you’ve just shown us.

  2. Yikes! Well, here’s hoping it stays together better in the final version. Makes a cool cycle, but if the armor falls off then it seems like they keep forgetting the simple stuff, like making things fun for kids. My young nephew recently came over and we pulled out the vehicles (he always goes right for the Rhino first). He saw pics from my review of the HISS V, so he asked to see that. MAN that was a frustrating experience. You can’t push it without it popping up, and we were on carpet, so that made it worse. I hope they don’t forget to keep kids in mind with this line…

  3. I LOL’d when he finally got it together and stood it up only for it to fall down and when picked back up, it fell completely apart.

    I can’t wait for this guy to make some sort of media appearance.

    *Rolls up on COBRA*
    “Halt, Cobra!”
    *COBRA starts shooting at him*
    “Wait till I get my motorcycle pants on. Then you’re gonna get it!”
    *COBRA runs off*
    “Come back here! Wait till I get my motorcycle back together then you’re gonna get it!”

  4. I laughed aloud. Great video, if only to showcase the utter failure of this particular proto as-is.

    Yet, I’m still excited about the final product. I’ll get one, but I won’t expect anything other than a display piece, just like my MOSPEADA Cyclones. I do hope the final colors (if this comes out at all) are more dynamic. Currently, it’s as bland as warm powdered milk.

  5. see I play with everything I get to an extent. over the past year, every POC item I get I add it to the group and see what the line could potentially look like assembled etc. there’s a good chance the final product will have some stability etc… but if it doesn’t… all they had to do was play with it first. they had it before I did.

  6. Man, that second one was more funny than it should have been lol. The first one…well, I suppose Hawkwinter would call me a lesser man, as it would have been upside a wall. lol

    I admit, I love the idea and hope to see that thing soon, but I fear it won’t come out just because of the train wreck we see here.

    Thanks for sharing, gyre-viper!

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