The Canadian JoeCon is Coming!!

It’s definitely convention season!  JoeCon has long since passed us by, San Diego ComicCon is stampeding towards us this weekend, and shortly thereafter, the Canadian JoeCon will be here!  Located just North of the border in Toronto, the Canadian JoeCon is put on for Joe fans by Joe fans, and has grown to amazing heights over the past handful of years.  Dealers, stars from the G.I. Joe brand, tons of fans, and exclusive figures are all there for the having.

The guys behind the Canadian JoeCon have just posted registration forms which you can find right here.

And be sure to keep your eyes glued to the site as well, because a little bird tells me that exclusive figure set images will start coming soon…

Looking forward to it!

GeneralsJoes reviews JoeCustoms JoeCon Exclusive Lt. Stone

Another day, another review…but maybe this one’s cheating, I dunno.

I wrote up a review for the Canadian G.I. Joe Collectors’ Newsletter about a month ago on the JoeCustoms Convention Exclusive Lt. Stone figure.  I’d always planned to get the review up on the site as well, just hadn’t gotten to it yet…  until now.

Produced for JoeCon on a yearly basis, some enterprising folks from have taken it upon themselves to do up some custom figures, but you have to be at the convention in person to pick them up.  Of course, being the crazed Sigma 6 fan that I am, I was ecstatic to hear that Lt. Stone was getting the Real American Hero treatment this time around.

Check out the review in the Exclusives section, or just hit it up right here.

And if you want a chance to own one of these special figures in person, or just get to know the cool guys who make ’em, make a regular hang out.  Trust me, you’ll learn something new every day.  Sometimes things you never even wanted to know. leaks some Pursuit of Cobra vehicles early… maybe.

Reports are spotty, and some folks are saying that shipping dates don’t appear to be much earlier than we’ll see these at brick and mortar, but Mint Condition of reports that has posted a few PoC vehicles, including the elusive Alpha vehicles.  Granted, the Doom Cycle is currently listed as out of stock (though the Ghost Hawk appears to be available).

The listings are a bit bizarre, with the Cobra Mech being there, but the Joe one not, but regardless, if you choose “Site to Store” you can pick some items up with no shipping.  Direct links are below:

Give it a whirl, if you’re so inclined…

Evidently Ashiko w/ the Cycle Armor skips “cool toy” and goes straight to insanity

Wow.  I wish I could look inside the head of whomever designed this bad boy and figure out where they came up with it.  G.I. Joe toys as of late have focused on a few key moving parts and special functions, but for the most part they are fairly solid vehicles just meant to roll and shoot.

Then came Ashiko w/ his Cycle Armor, and some Hasbro designer went all batshit crazy.

Don’t get me wrong.  This thing looks amazing.  If it works.  And judging by Gyre-Viper’s comments on there is no real assurance that it will work.  Granted, he’s got an unfinished test shot, but just looking at the damn thing, I can’t be convince it will work.  I hope it works.  If it does work, I’ll probably by like two dozen of them, but at this p0int I’m on the fence.  I also feel the need to note that the pictures of the colored test shots are courtesy of longtime friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard.

Mirrored images below tell the gruesome tale…

“Pimp Daddy” Destro Bobble Head available at Entertainment Earth

Thanks to a mention on Adam Pawlus’ Twitter page via 16Bit, it would appear that Entertainment Earth is offering an exclusive Destro Bobble  Head in his familiar “Pimp Daddy” style.  Awesome!

David Willis apparently agrees, courtesy of Toy News International.