GeneralsJoes reviews Rise of Cobra Polar Sharc Sub

Hey, I said the Review-A-Rama would post a review a day…I never specified weekends off!  So yes, it’s Saturday, and yes, there is another review posted for your viewing pleasure.

Gyre-Viper very kindly took the reigns during yesterday’s update with his awesome introspective with Bill Merklein, but today, we’re back to the more familiar formula.  Check out the Rise of Cobra Review page, or just peek at the review itself right here.

5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews Rise of Cobra Polar Sharc Sub

  1. Well, this woulda been the only one I woulda gotten out of that wave. Kinda bummed I’m gona miss it but, on the other hand, it does leave me more space for other things. Heck, the only reason I want it anyway, is ’cause it reminds me of a little spaceship you’d control in a game like Gradius.

  2. Yeah, if this had hit US stores I would have gotten it, but I’m not going out of my way to have it. It was bad enough to have to search out the ATV pack to fill in my 25th Anniversary collection with a “close enough” to vintage painted Leatherneck. It’s too bad these didn’t see wider release.

  3. Agreed. This is the one I would have armybuilt. I’d like to have gotten at least 3 of them if not more. The small size makes them perfect for armybuilding.

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