Sgt. Slaughter pics aplenty as SDCC approaches

Some enterprising Joefans have jumped on a few eBay sales offering early releases of the Sgt. Slaughter SDCC exclusive, and some pics are starting to emerge.  Over on, both Bionic Commando and Gyre-Viper have posted some images, mint on card and loose both.  Old friend of GeneralsJoes cmderinchief has also posted a couple of images on his Facebook page as well.  I’ve mirrored the images below.

I know some folks are a bit on the fence, but I dig this figure.  He looks cool, old school, but still accurate to Sarge’s physical…  prowess.  Sure, it would have been cool to have him stacked and jacked like he was in the cartoon, but there’s something humorous about this figure, and appropriately cheesy.  Of course the mid-torso joint does disrupt some of the flow, which is an issue.  But articulation must always come first, in my opinion.

Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to at least trying to get my hands on these figures when SDCC comes around.

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 1 Vehicles have arrived at!

Scattered reports have been sent in regarding the HISS and Wolfhound being available at retail…well, SmallJoes reports that they have the entire run of Wave 1 vehicles, including Alphas, Bravos, and the Mech Suits!  They also report that the figures may be arriving as quickly as week from now.  WOAH!

For the full details read the newsletter below!

EDIT – Apparently I read the email wrong… no Alphas are yet available, but the HISS, Wolfhound, and Mechs are all present and accounted for!

* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *

Hi folks, we wanted to tell you about some new and upcoming products.


Good news!  Wave 1 Pursuit of Cobra vehicles have arrived and much
earlier than originally expected.  The wave 1 figures are expected to
follow in another week or so.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 alpha vehicle sets of 2 available at $28.99.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 bravo vehicle sets of 2 available at $47.99.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 mech vehicle set of 2 available at $38.99.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 figure sets of 8 are available at $62.99 and
cases at $82.99.

We now have in-package photos for the GI JOE: Resolute 7-figure sets.
These have already left China and so we’ve moved up the estimated ship
date from our warehouse to the third week of July.

Resolute 7-pack sets of 2 are available at $69.99, cases at $199.99.
We also have a special promotional offer for the Resolute sets
combined with the Extreme Conditions 7-packs for an unbeatable deal
at $99.99.

GI JOE Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 figures and vehicles are also available
for pre-order.  We don’t have Hasbro-approved images for wave 2 yet
although you can visit the various GI JOE fan sites to see photos of
these items taken at the recent GI JOE convention.  Wave 2 is currently
expected to arrive in August.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 figure sets of 6 are available at $46.99 and
cases at $82.99.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 alpha vehicle sets of 2 available at $28.99.

Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 bravo vehicle sets of 2 available at $47.99.


We’re having a sale on lots of the 25th Anniversary 3 3/4″ figures.
Great deals on army builders and more!


We continue to stock all of the latest IDW GI JOE comic books.  IDW
really has a full stable of GI JOE titles now so we usually have
something new for you every week.

GI JOE: Cobra is now an ongoing series.  This edgy and offbeat title
continues to feature the most innovative writing among the IDW GI JOE
books.  Issue #5 is recently released and features Serpentor like
you’ve never seen him!

GI JOE: Hearts & Minds is new mini-series that will, similar to
Origins, focus on the motivations and contrasts between classic
characters in the GI JOE universe.  The first issue spotlights Spirit
and Major Bludd.  Issue #2 in this series was just released but Diamond
omitted it from our weekly shipment – we’ll have it in next week.

Also available are the latest issues in the ongoing main and Origins

Remember, we have a robust back-issue stock for many GI JOE titles
including the Devil’s Due run, so if you missed any of those issues
be sure to browse through our complete inventory.


Hasbro is releasing three new assortments of figures throughout
the summer!

Wave 4 consists of Mary Jane, Iron Patriot, Skrull Soldier, Winter
Soldier, Iron Spider Man, and Wrecker.  Sets are available at $57.99
and cases at $94.99.  These have arrived and are nearly sold out.

Wave 5 consists of Captain Britain, Mystique, Ghost Rider, Team-X
Wolverine, and Multiple Man.  Sets are available at $64.99 and cases
at $94.99

Wave 6 consists of Hawkeye (Dark Avenger), Thanos, Iron Man 2020,
Yellow Jacket (w/ mini Antman), and Constrictor.  Sets are available
at $64.99 and cases at $94.99.


The popular Little Bird 1:18 scale helicopter is back in stock:


Remember to check our clearance aisle for low, low, low prices on items
we want to move out of the warehouse.  GI JOE, Microman, Watchmen,
comic books, and much more priced to move!

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