My Lord these figures are all awesome

I can’t get over this…as much of a Hasbro fanboy as I am, I cannot help but admit usually figure design and production is a fairly fluid, up and down thing.  Very rarely do we get terrific figures every time all the time…in fact, I’d say that never happens.

But over the next two months, we’re getting the first wave of Pursuit of Cobra and two Resolute boxed sets, and someone kick me, I must be dreaming.  I can’t find a crap figure among the lot of them.

Granted, there are some improvements that could have been made (such as Scarlett and Baroness’ super-foreheadness) but by and large, from design, to sculpt, to paint, to articulation, there are almost twenty figures here, and they are ALL great.  All of them.  Even figures that don’t knock my socks off design-wise have fantastic accessories and other very cool qualities.

I’m not sure why this concept hasn’t been grasped so whole-heartedly before, but the combination of military design, future aesthetic, fantastic accessories out the whazoo, and amazing design and articulation has already made The Pursuit of Cobra the highlight of the G.I. Joe universe over the past several years.  So, because of that, even though we’ve seen these figures time and time again, when Winter God over on ACToys posted about G.I. Joe: Resolute and the Pursuit of Cobra right here, I just had to mirror the larger, more detailed images.  I just can’t get enough of how awesome these toys are.  Check out the images below.

7 thoughts on “My Lord these figures are all awesome

  1. Good lord these look awesome. I don’t care who complains, I want to be flooded with these toys come my birthday in September (Please tell me they last that long)

  2. They do look pretty amazing, yes.

    I’m starting to run into issues of how to integrate them all to my collection. I should probably start a ‘vintage version’ shelf and a ‘new version’ shelf or something. Dunno. But I do know that the 25th Anniversary original 13, for example, just aren’t going to look RIGHT next to these guys. Gonna be an issue to figure out display-wise, I suppose. Oh no! I’ll have to spend hours tinkering with my collection. What a chore.

  3. Did the same thing. Vintage, which basically has 25th versions of my childhood favorites with some logical additions like Red Ninja. And then a new version which includes the few RoC figures I liked, the Resolute stuff and the PoC figures. They all seem to blend well enough at this point.

    These new figures are so impressive they have to be in my collection, but of course the originals do hold sentimental value so breaking them into two seperate collections seemed logical.

    And I agree with you Justin, it is downright amazing how solid these figures are. Even looking at my new PoC Snow Job I think, he’s so bland compared to the other new stuff…but damn, he’s so cool. Even the normally “eh” stuff is done so well that it’s still a joy to have in ones collection.

    Resolute and Pursuit of Cobra is the most solid line-up we’ve ever had in the modern age of GIJoe collecting. Keep this up Hasbro! My money is yours again.

  4. I’ll be getting a whole lot of these. Just with they had (damn) working holsters for their pistols.

  5. I can’t recall seeing this mentioned anywhere else, but a small improvement I’m really happy about is the removal of the word “Codename” before all the names on the stands. Having that was kind of goofy plus it removes a lot of the clutter from the writing on the stands. Now when non-Joe people look at my collection they know its Snake Eyes, not Codename: Snake Eyes.

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