GeneralsJoes Reviews “Vacation in the Shadows” 2010 Convention Set!

Yes, it took me for-freaking-ever, but here it is.

I try to get reviews done as quickly as humanly possible, but when there are so many figures, so many vehicles, so many pictures, and so many things to talk about, well…  sometimes it takes a little while.  When it comes to my o-ring babies I like to make sure and take as much time as it takes to do the review right.

Of course, if something is screwed up, let me know.

At any rate…  over in the GIJCC Exclusives section, I have posted the review (finally!) for the 2010 Convention Set, “Vacation in the Shadows”.  It’s a three-page behemoth with over a hundred images and more words than even I like to type.  And I’m pretty damn long winded.

Check it out directly right here.

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews “Vacation in the Shadows” 2010 Convention Set!

  1. Hey Justin, Thanks for the review! Did your Dolphin not come with the helmet? It really helps to draw attention away from his pinheadedness. Lol. I got to admit though, I was really expecting you to lay into that Natalie Poole figure. That is one fugly action figure!

  2. I was just wondering when Justin would get around to reviewing these. There’s some great “ideas” in the set (I’ve been a fan of Action Force since the first time I read “GI Joe: European Missions”), but I’m not 100% thrilled with the execution. Gaucho’s sweet, though, like you said, pretty simple and basic, but I think that’s what I like about him.

  3. Thanks for the review! I’m in agreement with the above comments…great ideas, but not really great execution, sadly. Still, those Red Shadow troops are the bees knees! And, interestingly enough, I think that Gaucho is the best of the other figs. Simple yes, but solid, and a cool character, IMO. Anyway, great review. I enjoyed all the pics and your take as a guy who has all the sets, while I sadly have none.

  4. In my opinion, this is one of the weaker Con sets the Club has ever done. Even worse than last year’s idea rehash. This one is down in Dreadheads territory for me.

    I don’t get the appeal of doing such slavish reproductions of figures like The Black Major and Red Shadow that were quite frankly, pretty mediocre to begin with. They could’ve given The Black Major a fur-collared jacket to at least give him a different look from the original. What’s the point in spending the money to retool the original Red Shadow head when sculpting a new one that doesn’t look so damn goofy probably would’ve cost the same amount?

    Why even bother tooling up a new head and helmet for The Interrogator if he’s just some generic German guy? To ramp up the guessing games so people could be letdown and confused when they see Race Bannon under the mask? Was he even hiding anything in the mountains of Germany? At least he’s not Baron Ironblood.

    Dolphin looks like he got his skull caved in and Natalie’s totally a dude. An ugly dude.

    Gaucho’s really nice and doesn’t just look like a Gung-Ho repaint.

    Lifeline’s not bad but the hair color is wrong for Lifeline.

    Stalker’s a major character and they needed to do something more to differentiate Jammer from him. He just looks like Stalker with a ‘Z’ on his chest (which is pretty silly anyway). Maybe they should’ve painted a full beard on him. I’m a little surprised to see another repurposed “Stalker” character since they just did Manleh last year.

    And I do like “Fugitive” Flint. “Split Pea Soup” Flint not so much. But just to be a total dick since the set name is an homage to a cartoon episode they probably should’ve given Flint black hair.

    I don’t mind the Club repurposing other Hasbro lines for Joe stuff but it wasn’t that long ago those Indiana Jones cars were being clearanced out for like $7. And $48 for a Star Wars bunker is ridiculous. It’s a door.

  5. Is that the bunker to nowhere?
    (little humor. little.)

    Back to serious, very cool to see the review of the set! Thank you for putting it together!

    I like the kayaks.

  6. This is a spot on review. These are things we all talked about @ con and things the fandom have commented on within the online community. I even agree Ben that this is a middle of the road set. Tanks is still the best IMHO….but, with that said, they listened and gave us The Red Shadows.

  7. love the set, best and only set I have ever cared to buy.

    I think the only con stuff I have bought in the past was the Argen 7 and AF stuff from last year and then the female DOC, SPARKS, and Cobra Mortal

    skipped the rest as I felt like they werent worth my time.

    THIS SET was a must I bought 2 boxed and one loose

  8. ONE QUICK error

    this is actually version 3 of Dolphin, so the colors and such are not based on the first version ( some might say q-force version ) but on the 2nd version ( some might say NON Q-force colors)

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