Yes, those Tri-Gate Red Shadows parts are as cool as we thought

A short while ago, I paid tribute to a new run of Devils’ Due era Red Shadows parts that Tri-Gate Creations was pre-ordering, because I thought they had the potential to be pretty cool.  Well, I’ve since gotten some of the actual parts in my hands, and I am truly amazed.  The sculpting and detail is absolutely phenomenal.

However, I didn’t want to post too much about them until I had a chance to get some paint on them, and I haven’t yet had time.

heretic, over on The Terror Drome, though, has had time, and posted a small sampling of his updated Red Shadow army right here.  And damn does it look nice.  I swear these things fit in seamlessly with the modern era G.I. Joe line, and I absolutely gotta get some time to put some of these figures together.  Fantastic work by Tri-Gate getting these out there, and equally great work by heretic already putting together a nice squad of the Devils’ Due Shadows.  Really love what I’m seeing here.

A big thanks to Jamar Miller for pointing this out to me as well.

4 thoughts on “Yes, those Tri-Gate Red Shadows parts are as cool as we thought

  1. Love! I really like the traditional Red Shadows head on these. A truly formidable third party for Joe AND Cobra to reckon with.

  2. These look cool. I’m one of the people in favor of the head DDP used. I think the original version looks ludicrous. Like some over-stylized cartoon. Sorry. I’m glad Tri-Gate gave us the choice though, so everyone can be happy.

    Why no paint on the DDP trooper heads? They look bizarre just plastic red like that. They need some darker shading or something to give them depth.

    I’m hoping to get the full compliment from the DDP comics done with these molds. Absolutely love that Tri-Gate is offering a larger body version of the trooper uniform so we can do a cool Artur that is actually bigger than everyone else.

    Looking forward to getting mine done.

  3. Good work with the parts and I hope that we see the convention set Shadows up and reviewed soon.

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