Pursuit of Cobra TRU Exclusive Spirit Reviewed!

August is still a couple of months away, but as we all know, certain places have pre-production figures from The Pursuit of Cobra already, and the latest one to catch my eye was the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit Iron-Knife.  Not having a local TRU only made the choice all the easier, and I’ve posted my review in the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  Of course you can also check it out directly right here.

13 thoughts on “Pursuit of Cobra TRU Exclusive Spirit Reviewed!

  1. If I remember correctly at last years convention one of the hasbro marketing guys said that fishing line could be threaded through Shadow Tracker’s bow. Can you confirm or deny this Justin?
    Thanks for the Great review

  2. Oh man. Yeah, this new Spirit is gonna play well with my custom Stalker. Great review, and awesome dio-pics at the end there!

  3. A little paint, and I think I’ve got a head for my Zandar. I expect we’ll see some Rambos come from this as well.

  4. I know the pre-production Zartan that I bought from Ebay had some pretty limited articulation in the arms. Since Spirit uses the same arms does he have the same problems?

  5. Seems to be a nice figure, but doesn’t scream Spirit to me…looks much younger than him. Maybe could be used as Dart, but doesn’t express the confidence and quietude of Spirit.

    I’d love to see a DDP reissue on 25th/Roc/Poc construction, using that fantastic DDP head and knife holster…

  6. Oooooooh, someone built an amazing jungle diorama. I wonder if this masterpiece will be used in an upcomming dio.
    *nudge,nudge, wink,wink

  7. @ Strider

    The only limitation is what many modern sculpt figures have and that is the lack of elbow bending in towards the arm. It goes far enough to hold a rifle decently but stops far short of what some figures have (especially original O-ring), stopping at around 45 degrees rather than 90 which some modern figures can handle. Reminds me of Trakkers arms.

  8. Can’t wait to these hit TRU. I have to keep fighting the urge to grab one off ebay.

  9. I love the look of this figure but just not for Spirit. It’s obvious that this is Billy through and through. I could see a couple paint apps turn this into a convincing Quick Kick…

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