Missing Alpha vehicles from The Rise of Cobra found North of the Border!

With a huge thanks to friend of GeneralsJoes and member of JoeCanuck.com Stealth Viper for reporting that the third wave of Alpha vehicles from the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra have started hitting retail at various Wal-Marts in Canada!

The sighting was first reported here by akpayne, and several other JoeCanuck members have chimed in, including images!

This is finally confirmation that these have hit mainstream retail somewhere, and will fill some holes in many Joe fans’ collections!  Check out the sighting thread here, and if you’re in Canada, or know someone who lives there, start cashing in those favors.

5 thoughts on “Missing Alpha vehicles from The Rise of Cobra found North of the Border!

  1. From what I’ve been told, there will NOT be a lot of these. What’s been shipped out is pretty much ALL that will be shipped out. At least that’s what someone who is getting them wholesale is telling us. Because now he is having trouble getting them from Hasbro because there simply aren’t any more. Speculation and rumor only of course. So I say snag em while they’re hot.

  2. I liked to find that Leatherneck, don’t care so much for the vehicle. I was hoping if they weren’t released at least the figure would be on eBay.

  3. thanks to Roshan I just realized those are bi-logo etc.
    my lava pod is NOT like that.

  4. I can confirm it myself. I picked up a set of four in a Wal-mart in Ontario. And they are at the sale price of $8 each too. Sweet deal, although it’s definite scalper-bait at those prices and such low distribution…

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