The Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank blows my mind

Why?  Why did it take so long to get this idea right?  And why, right when the G.I. Joe design team is absolutely kicking ass, will we be migrating back over to yet another G.I. Joe theme with G.I. Joe: Renegades in 2011?

I mean, seriously.  The Pursuit of Cobra is like the essence of everything that is awesome about G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  Real world, gritty military action, mixed with futuristic science fiction, yet fantasy that’s not too separated from the realm of reality.  It’s nearly a perfect mixture of military and fantasy.  I know we’ve already seen a healthy helping of images of the upcoming Cobra HISS Tank from the Pursuit of Cobra line, but for some reason these new images from AC Toys just make me all the giddier about it.  The sleek, armored “speedster” look, the fully multifunction upper body with the multitude of cannon turrets and twin canopies.  This thing is INSANE.

I’m not a huge fan of the brown, and that HISS Driver does absolutely nothing for me, but the vehicle itself is one of the coolest toys I’ve seen in a long, long time.

22 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank blows my mind

  1. I can see why you like it; it has that sci-fi element that you are really into. It reminds me of Destro’s D.E.M.O.N. Not the worst version of the HISS tank for sure, but I still think I prefer the DTC HISS. Now if they had reused the DTC HISS mold with a classic-style gun turret, I could see myself buying a ton of those!

    I’ll be hunting for the new Ghost Hawk and Vamp when they come out.

  2. Just wait until you get to put some stickers on it…..Right now it looks kind of plain, but I’ve noticed that vehicles really start to pop with the proper application if stickers.

  3. It’s a very cool design. I’m still on the fence about this one though. The thing that’s keeping me from making this a “must buy” is that I can’t look at in it’s elevated mode and not see the Sigma 6 Dragonhawk mounted on tank treads. Maybe after I see it in person it’ll change my mind.

  4. I quite strangely find myself on the ultimate fanboy side of things on this one. I absolutely love this vehicle and this pursuit of cobra line. Never in a million years did I think they would create a version of the hiss tank I would like as much as the original but that’s just what they’ve done.

  5. I can’t believe I’m about to say this…I’m less and less impressed by this. Out of the gate, I thought this was the coolest thing since lox-and-bagels. The more it’s been out there, the more I’m less than enthused. The brown is terrible, and the windowless cockpit does nothing for me but say “cost efficient”. Also, no man-able turret means “Not-a-HISS”, I feel.

    I HOPE I’m wrong. I hope I’ll love this once I own one and play with it. I’d love to have a new ground vehicle I can “fleet”, but this may not be it.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me today…maybe if I painted it black…I dunno…

  6. good news everyone……..if i get to the store, and theres only one HISS left, youve got a great chance of walking in after me and picking it up. there is nothing about that vehicle that i like.

    however, bring on the (single carded) figs yesterday!!!

  7. I have to echo Nas on this one. The brown color and windowless cockpit both suck. Why in the world isn’t this tank black??

  8. I like it, but I also think they should have had a window cockpit. I’m bummed that we are only getting Pursuit of Cobra toys for MAYBE a year. I liked this realistic style a lot :(

  9. It reminds me of the front end of the Raider. It looks pretty cool and I like the frankenjoe’d HISS Driver, but I’ll probably pass.

  10. Nas’ criticism summed up how I feel about this vehicle pretty well. I never liked the elevating body of the tank, the brown color is a major turnoff, and the opaque canopy just doesn’t make much sense. I’m looking forward to the H.I.S.S. Scout, but I won’t be buying this.

  11. I know the windowless cockpit is a sticking point for a lot of you and not having it doesn’t mirror the original but it is a tank after all. I don’t know of any tanks that have large glass windows.

  12. I’ve got issues with the color and the lack of window but the vehicle seems cool enough I’ll buy at least one and if the actual thing in my heads is good enough I might grab another.

  13. it’s extremely light and bouncy. i love it.

    I think we’ll get a repaint. and I think if POC does well, they’ll bring the POC style back either after the first wave of Renegades or after the sequel line.
    And I think POC doing well and Renegades doing well will insure that the sequel line
    is of the same quality and inventiveness as POC… and not just a return to ROC.

  14. Count me in the unimpressed/underwhelmed crowd. Didn’t thrill me to start, and the more it’s delayed, the longer it has to fester and die a painful death.

  15. Count me in the unimpressed/underwhelmed crowd. Didn’t thrill me to start, and the more it’s delayed, the longer it has to fester and die a painful death.

  16. This was the most interesting item in the pipeline to me when I first saw it. (The new VAMP stole the thunder a little…)

    The extra large treads are tough looking, and the more compact body makes the tank seem more like something that can evade and then turn on a dime to attack. A little bit of a stealthy look to it, too.

    My old ’83 HISS feels like its dated now. I’m thinking of retiring the couple of these I have. This new HISS really just says, fast, all-terrain, and probably able to target multiple enemies at once like an helicopter gunship can do in the real world.

    Retire the ’83 for good? I might… the DTC HISS feels more heavy to me, and the missile-laden semi-IFV could become the vehicle to follow the new HISS in battle.

    How does the color of the new HISS compare to the new Rage? Do they match? Or this POC HISS and that Snake Trax (Ferret)? Pretty similar colors? I think that would be neat…

  17. i’m disappointed to say the least. i may change my mind if the stickers blow me away but i doubt it. does any one know if the stickers are going to be on black or clear?

  18. How definate is it anyway that this is actually the final color?

    At Toyfair the HISS was dark green and I see has another pic up of the HISS with it being dark green as well. Seems odd that they showed brown at Joecon and green at Toyfair. Possible variant?

    Of course green makes no sense for the Desert. Although they could bring out a version for each of the environments : Brown for Desert Battle, white for Arctic Threat, Green for Jungle Assault and black for City Strike.

    Good way to re-use the mold and also give us a HISS for every environment.

    Will definately be weathering (paint wash) this vehicle though. Needs that nice (been in the environment for a long time look like the Desert-Vipers have).

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