Pursuit of Cobra Spirit and Quick Kick images unleashed

The Toys “R” Us exclusive figures have been somewhat hit or miss over the past twelve months.  While opinion was generally quite favorable over Firefly, Bench Press and the Snow Serpent Officer, I don’t think the fans were exactly wild about Barbecue, Doc, or Arctic Shipwreck.  However, with the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra line, I think Hasbro really took out the stops, and we’re getting  a pair of exclusives that are awesome homages to not only the vintage characters, but also plenty of other 80’s themes!

Spirit is pulled straight from the movie classic Predator, while Quick Kick is infused with a combination of Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid.  As he usually does, HissTank forum member Gyre-Viper showcases both figures in a unique way.  Check them in this thread, or mirrored below.

14 thoughts on “Pursuit of Cobra Spirit and Quick Kick images unleashed

  1. man Spirit always looked bad-ass and this just solidified my opinion on him might change out the M-4 for MJ’s version but this is a win

    Quick kick Huge improvement over the boxset version

    can’t wait for October

  2. Still painting my Quick Kick’s head blonde to make the bad guy in Karate Kid.

    Love these figures!! Can’t wait to get my greedy hands on them!

  3. “Still painting my Quick Kick’s head blonde to make the bad guy in Karate Kid.”

    great. thanks to you now I’ll have images of Cobra Commander yelling “SWEEP THE LEG!” stuck in my head

  4. Very cool figures. Both. Looking forward to what these will look like carded. Anyone else curious if Hasbro will have them as part of the numbering they have on wave 1 or if they’ll stand totally alone?
    Spirit is very very cool. Glad he’s dropped his stereotypical native outfit and is instead dressing exactly like Dart. Good for him. Lol. Just kidding. While it is kind of weird how similar he is to Dart I absolutely love this figure.

  5. Spirit looks fantastic.

    I hate to be critical about toys but the Quick Kick update is really weak by comparison. Hitting those stereotypes a little too hard, Hasbro design team. Next time, think less Samurai and more Ryan Choi.

  6. I am drooling over that Baroness, possibly even better that the third cobra 5-pack. Sure the head is slightly large,the face sculpt is amazing!

  7. Let us ride our Pigs Of Guinea into battle!

    Charge, overly large brother of Hamtaro,CHARGE!!!

  8. I love the idea of giving Quick Kick the battle scars Bruce Lee got in the last fight from Enter the Dragon.

    That’s a nice touch.

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