Holy Crap! Amazing diorama alert!

Yeah, I don’t even think I can really say anything that does justice to this Cobra Command Center of bad-assedness.

Really, it rocks.  There’s blood and everything.

Check it out at customfigurewars.com, and in some of the mirrored images below.  Absolutely insanely cool.  Lots more images available at the site itself:  customfigurewars.com.

9 thoughts on “Holy Crap! Amazing diorama alert!

  1. This is an amazing piece of work. The attention to detail is incredible. The custom figures are well done. Zartan in a blazer – how cool! Neo-Vipers actually look cool in these shots!

    So much stuff going on! Destro selling BATs off the showroom floor, the Commander making plans with some of his staff, Dr Mindbender conducting some hideous medical experiments and the prisoners…

    The empty, bloody chair and the trooper pulling the bloody bag of… stuff. Creepy goodness!

  2. It really sets the mood! An Amazing dio, (My hat’s off to the builder).

    My fav part is the lighting, and use of transparencies. (I bow to you my friend).

  3. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I cannot fathom the man-hours it took to build this thing. Let alone the hours/days/weeks/months of thought in conceptualizing & designing. It’s absolutely remarkable.

  4. That was really cool. Thanks for posting it. I loved that they used the original GI Joe headquarters jail cell as the interigation room.

  5. Absolutely amazing. Even if I had the time, I’d never have the space to do something like this, so it’s cool to get to see someone else’s work.

    On a side note, using the Boxed Resolute Cobra Commander body for the Iron Grenadiers is a pretty cool idea.

    Thanks for sharing !

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