So, what is up with this G.I. Joe 2 Script?

Quite suddenly, over the past 24 hours, a rumored leaked script for the sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has gotten quite a bit of focus, from many online sites like Collider, FilmDrunk, and Den of Geek.  It even started a Twitter war between FilmDrunk and elmayimbe from Latino Review.  So, you know this thing resonates with the geek film crowd out there.  Whether it’s due to the disappointment of the first film, or a love of the G.I. Joe franchise deep rooted in the 80’s, I’m not sure, but whatever the reason, it’s already sparked some debate.

So what caused the outcry?

Well, let me preface this by saying something…  I have read the script in question.  I received it a few weeks ago and ran it through some filters, and it certainly did not appear to be legit based on what I heard and saw.

That’s not to say it didn’t look legit on the surface.  In fact, I’ve read quite a few scripts in my day, and I’ve seen some fanboy dream scripts, and some authentic scripts, and on the surface, this script read like a real script.  It didn’t have much of the fanboy angle, it drew a lot of elements from the first film.

But at the same time, it also introduced many great elements from the cartoon and comic, and actually wove it into a pretty interesting, cool story.  But there are reasons I didn’t post anything about this mysterious script:

  1. If the fandom didn’t like it, we risk backlash against a film based on a script that might not be real
  2. If the fandom loved it, and it ended up being fake,  there could be backlash against Hasbro and Paramount for not using this script.

Either way, Hasbro/Paramount loses, in my mind, and based on the virulant reaction to The Rise of Cobra (much of it well deserved), that’s not a chance I really wanted to take.

So, before anyone asks…no, I will not be sharing the script.  I know there will be fans out there who claim Hollywood is muffling it because they don’t want people to know it’s real.  I don’t know the truth 100%, but I have strong suspicions that the script is not legit.  It is a very entertaining read, but ultimately I suspect it will not represent what we see on screen in 2012, so rather than get the fandom in an uproar over something that may not have any actual bearing on the final product, I’m going to keep a lid on it.

9 thoughts on “So, what is up with this G.I. Joe 2 Script?

  1. We’re all big boys and know the difference between reality and fantasy… Why should you have all the fun of getting to read an original Joe script? Oh yeah… You run the site =)

  2. Even if the script *is* legit, the chances that things won’t change between now and 2012 are probably pretty remote anyway. It’ll turn up somewhere; it seems that too many people have seen it for it to remain off the radar for much longer.

  3. Wait, he knows it’s not legit because it wasn’t written in crayon.

    Seriously, the problem for the type of movie ROC is/was is not the script. It’s the technical direction the effects were taken in (bad bad bad cgi) and things like acting performances. That’s usually the director/producer who’s at fault.

  4. It’s a hoax. All the sites have been contacted by Rhett Reese who is telling them there is no such thing as a completed script yet, they are still bashing out their ideas.

  5. My problem with this all along has been that a hardcore fanbase didn’t like the first movie – yet it still made money and was successful. Now this same group wants to drum up a story about some leaked script; but won’t reveal any details – making this a nonstory if it ever was one.
    The genesis of The Rise of Cobra was already revealed by the producer and the director way back in 2004. Despite some tweaks, the film lived up to the plot outline evoked four years earlier. It’s only 2009, and the film is supposed to come out in 2012. Give the studio some time.
    I will say this: I saw Iron Man 2. There seems to be, a veiled insinuation that the Accelerator Suits are loosely patterned on the Iron Man armor. And real or no, the weapons tied to The Rise of Cobra were displayed by Justin Hammer as some of the weapons he manufactures. If Marvel does go ahead with the S.H.I.E.L.D. feature film, I think there is a case that Marvel, Paramount, and Hasbro want to get their signals straight so that all can gain from the G.I. Joe and S.H.I.E.L.D. franchises.

  6. Seriously. Anything that will garner some interest in this film would be in hasbro/paramonts interest. As it stands I and many people I know locally went and saw roc because it was a chance to see our childhood heros on the big screen. We couldn’t resist even knowing before hand that things weren’t going to be as they should. Not one of us will go see the sequel. For me the fate of this movie was sealed when it was announced that it will continue off of roc and that many if not all of the same actors will be back. Sorry not interested. This time around they won’t have 25 years worth of fans who really wanted to see snake eyes and storm shadow fight it out on the big screen. We know what were getting into now.
    Nothing short of previews with classic hiss tanks rolling into battle and real cobra troopers in action is going to convince me to waste my money again. Sorry. Fool me once shame on you. But fool me twice? Not gonna happen.

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