I pity da fool who doesn’t love the new A-Team van

Most folks who are thirty-something Joefans probably watched the A-Team back in the day…and while Galoob put out some horrible o-ring style A-Team figures way back when, BA, Hannibal, et al didn’t really get the action figure love they deserved.

Well, with the new movie coming out this summer, Jazwares picked up the license and is doing a very cool looking line of 4″ figures based on the film!  Granted, these guys won’t look exactly like their 80’s counterparts, but it’s close enough.  Of course, you could just forget about the figures and rejoice about the fact that THERE’S A  *@#$@%!  JOE SCALE A-TEAM VAN COMING OUT!

Seriously, pretty cool looking toys.  Decent articulation, and the van absolutely ROCKS.  Credit to the MTV Movie Blog.

12 thoughts on “I pity da fool who doesn’t love the new A-Team van

  1. i was prepared to be disappointed, but i have to say i am really excited! i have been waiting for a proper joe scale a-team van since i was kid!

  2. ive got a nice chunk of money saved for PoC……but i may have to get at least a van and Bosco.

  3. Man, that’s a sick van, it’ll probably be fun to use in dios, airbrush a wizard on the side and put Torpedo in it and make tasteless jokes!

  4. It’s definitely not the same van mold from 26 years ago.
    I hope there are more figures than that too.

  5. I hope that they release a classic version with the red stripe matching the old show. I know it is a minor thing, but sometimes changes like that make me scratch my head.

  6. The van looks interesting, and the figures may be a surprise but I wonder how the movie will work out being a parody of another 1980s show that was somewhat serious back in the day. I hope it is more story with comic relief, rather than comic relief with little/no story.

  7. Definitely looking forward to the van. I hope it’s at a fair price point. $20 would be awesome though I have a bad feeling it might be up to double that.

  8. As a fan of the show as a youngster, I can not wait to get a decent representation of B.A.’s van in my hands and fill it up with Joes!! “Face” could easily fit in as an undercover Joe somewhere… And B.A. is already scheduled to throw down with Roadblock! Coming to my bookshelf soon!

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