Kick Ass Custom – Tribute to 1991 Snake Eyes

As a kid the ’91 version of Snake Eyes was one of my favorites.  Sure, he had the cheesy orange weapons, and bright sky blue on his uniform, but I just loved the figure.  And the best part of this custom is that kingphilbert doesn’t translate it to an exact replication of the 1991 version, but the homage is clear.

Paint is awesome, parts choices are awesome.  I just really, really love this figure.

Nice work, kingphilbert!  Found the custom at

  • Nas

    Very cool. This was SE’s “extrovert” days, when he wasn’t so glum and emo. All kidding aside, great custom.

  • Kitchen Viper

    Well now I know what I’m gonna do with my extra Snake Eyes from the Resolute box set…

  • I’d love to see a production run on this figure with this tooling and color ap! ARASHIKAGE!

  • Alexx

    Awesome! I love that version, and this not only echos the colors but brings the original forward with a sort of update. Very well done! I love it!

  • I never could understand why, but I always loved that original figure. This is a great redux!

  • Scott

    ’91 Snake eyes was my 2nd Snake eyes, the ’89 version being my first.

    The ’91 really was my favorite for quite awhile. Back then, Snake eyes was pretty much a figure that was totally based on the file card.

    I rather like the coloring, as everything gets too serious when everyone is wearing all black.

  • Jonah

    91 Snake Eyes was easily one of my favorites, and is still the Snake Eyes figure I use most today.

    What a great custom!