Excellent Joe themed soundtrack available for download

I think we can all agree…  the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game wasn’t the pinnacle of video game capabilities.  In fact, many would say it was downright awful.  Personally, there were parts of it I enjoyed…enough that I played it all the way through the end and unlocked all of the characters.  But, by far the best part about the game, bar none, was the music.  It had some elements of the Rise of Cobra film, but it’s done in a purely orchestral style, and even with some generic techno-mix thrown in there, it really is a great listen.

Well, the guys over the MS Gulf Coast G.I. Joe Collectors Club have gathered the songs together from the game, (which also had some nice homages to the Sunbow theme mixed in there) and has collected it all into a massive soundtrack .zip file.

I’ve been listening to it tonight, and it’s been surprisingly entertaining.  Really good stuff, for a pretty mediocre game.

They’ve posted it up on MegaUpload right here.  Give it a shot!

Kick Ass Custom – Tribute to 1991 Snake Eyes

As a kid the ’91 version of Snake Eyes was one of my favorites.  Sure, he had the cheesy orange weapons, and bright sky blue on his uniform, but I just loved the figure.  And the best part of this custom is that kingphilbert doesn’t translate it to an exact replication of the 1991 version, but the homage is clear.

Paint is awesome, parts choices are awesome.  I just really, really love this figure.

Nice work, kingphilbert!  Found the custom at HissTank.com.

YoJoe.com Revamped Comic Section rocks!

YoJoe Comic mastermind antarctica sends along an update, reporting that he’s totally  revised the YoJoe comic section, focusing on continuity and “flow” from one series to another.  Using official Hasbro terminology, he laid out the entire page with renewed organization.

As great as the YoJoe Comics Archive has been, this makes it even better.  It truly is a fantastic resource and antarctica deserves a ton of praise for the hard work he’s put in keeping it up to date, especially as IDW continues to flood the market with new books.

Great stuff!  Check it out for yourself right here.

As an addendum to this, he’s also added summaries to the section for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #155.5 as well as the Hearts and Minds Ashcan promo, G.I. Joe #17, G.I. Joe: Cobra #4, and G.I. Joe: Origins #15.  Check out links to all of those IDW summaries right here.