Why did no one tell me about this? A new Avengers cartoon?! Rock!

Okay, I’m pretty on top of things in the Marvel animated slate…  but somehow I’m a bit out of the loop.

Apparently, way back on March 4th it was announced that a new Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes animated series would be airing in 2011.  Somehow I missed this.  In fact, there’s even a trailer online:

Ummm…  holy shit?

This looks pretty fun!  And it would even appear that a “micro series” featuring back stories for the individual heroes would begin airing this fall.  Supposedly 52 episodes have already been ordered, and with an all star cast, this looks like a very cool series.

Unfortunately, though…  apparently Spectactular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men have both been cancelled.  It would appear good news always comes with bad.  These were two of my favorite animated series in a long time… bummer.  Hopefully Avengers can fill the void.

9 thoughts on “Why did no one tell me about this? A new Avengers cartoon?! Rock!

  1. With the upcoming Thor movie does this mean he’ll be the new Iron Man / Wolverine with 10 figures in multiple lines?

    I never watched Spectacular Spiderman but enjoyed Wolverine and the X-Men and was looking forward to the AoA storyline teased at the end of Season One.

  2. Looks cool. I hope it’s as well written, animated and intense as the Justice League shows were…Marvel animation has a way to go to catch up with DC, though their characters are just as, if not more, compelling.

  3. I liked the 90’s Avengers, as well as the Iron Man Series, and The Silver Surfer. Does anyone know when the Iron Man Anime is coming out that Marvel did adverts for?

  4. Looks like classic Avengers! I’m in. Thankfully they passed on that Bendis crap Marvel has been passing off as “Avengers” for the past decade.

  5. That’s really unfortunate both X-men and Spiderman were cancelled. Xmen was fun, traditional capes and tights stuff reminscent of the Sunbow superhero series from the 80s. Spiderman was exceptionally well done, capturing that difficult inbetween 4 to 8 year old audience, and keeping it captivating for us old geeks.

    Looks like we might be in for another deadzone of imports and mindless card-based wide-eyed screaming spittle-flying crap until these other series get rolling. There is so much good stuff in daily/weekly scheduling in Japan – why do we always import their worst?

  6. Is Iron Man Armored Adventures returning?

    Now to the footage shown, it looks excellent, I like the promo, Captain America, Kang, Iron Man, WOW!! I can’t wait!

  7. Lead by Iron Man? What is this crap? Everyone knows that Captain America is the leader, or at the very least, the big three “lead” together…

  8. I really like the look of this. I’m not dissapointed about Spidey/Wolvie/X-Men being CANX. They’re Marvel’s cash cows so to say. They’ll be plenty of time to always do a series or movie about them.

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