Big Lob makes his move… into the review section!

Yeah, I’ve used that joke before, and it probably wasn’t funny the first time either.

Anyway…  now that I’m recovering from the convention chaos, I’ve reviewed the GIJCC Exclusive Big Lob, and posted him in the appropriate section.  You can also check out the review itself right here!

A very pleasant surprise.

6 thoughts on “Big Lob makes his move… into the review section!

  1. SWEET!!! I’m with you on Pythona although the forthcoming Aura Sing figure from the Clone Wars series will provide a nice solid base for that.

    Damn– I need to get one of these soon!

  2. I really don’t like The Club making the “Rawhides” a special subunit. “Rawhides” was obviously just a term used to refer to the rookies.

  3. That’s actually Salvo’s torso. Outback had a wider upper torso, and a sculpted neckline.

  4. I skipped membership renewal this year, partly due to Big Lob. I was more worried about not liking the figure since I’ve been less interested in “franken-joe’d” figures in the more recent months. I could see which parts are there, except for Big Lob’s head, pretty easy. While I want new characters (and new-to-us characters), I would rather see new stuff all around.

    But, these pictures make me think I should have gotten this one. I didn’t think some parts would mesh well, but, man it looks like a really fun figure here. If you had a photo with all the figures that the parts came from with Big Lob, I think that would be interesting to see. Or even just Mercer ’87 next to him. Which, I had wondered which Mercer is the more common default for most? I was thinking of making the ’91 mine, so the Mercer ’87 head kind of makes sense to me, and maybe others if the ’91 Mercer is their “default” look.

    The accessories really make the figure more appealing to me now, too.

  5. I just got Big Lob in the mail today (e-bay) and really dig him. I also never clamored for a Big Lob figure, but the club did a great job with him. Like you said, he fits right into the vintage line and I’m glad they gave us a new character, (instead of another Flint for example.) It’s just too bad this might be the last of the o-ring figures.

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