Yes, Jungle-Viper is as #@*&! awesome as you thought he would be

The convention has been over for less than a week, but Gyre-Viper over at HissTank has not taken a break.  With a constant flood of images and information over the past few days, he’s keeping the Joe fan busy.

Well, his latest indulgement is the sickness known as Jungle-Viper.  This figure captured everyone’s attention at JoeCon last year, but sometimes the actual product doesn’t live up to expectations.  From the looks of these images, this is not something we have to worry about here.

Wow.  Amazing looking figure.  Simply amazing.

Look at that thing.  Damn.  The Pursuit of Cobra is shaping up to be one bad ass iteration of the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra mythos.  Imagine the mail away Cobra Commander with the heavy weapons Destro, Zartan, and Firefly, flanked by a squad of Jungle Vipers and the Cobra Shock Troopers.  Absolutely SICK.  I cannot WAIT to get my hands on these figures.  Fall and 2011 cannot come soon enough.  Kudos, Hasbro…  kudos.

8 thoughts on “Yes, Jungle-Viper is as #@*&! awesome as you thought he would be

  1. He is awesome! Somehow though he looks more like an updated version of Raptor with all those camo “wings”. It amazes me that a figure with all these accessories would cost the same retail price as say Chuckles who comes with a pistol and holster.

  2. Nice to see that he’s got the new wrists, too – is he the first in the Fall lineup to have those? I had only read about the 2011 figures having it…

  3. He’s the ambassador…of kick-assador.

    I hope the troop builders aren’t as scarce as the pit-trooper was last year. I only ever saw three of those, and I own every one I saw.

  4. Yes, this is one figure I’ve been keeping my eye on since I first became aware of the first images of him in the PoC line. Largely because it’s a kickin’ figure with tons of cool gear, and sort of a combination of the old school Night Viper (another super cool figure for its day), and the VvV Jungle Viper (which was okay, but extremely plain).

    Aside from the cool factor it has on its own, I plan to take the PoC Zartan (who already resembles a certain character… But NOT Zartan…), and as many of the “jungle camo” elements as possible from this Jungle Viper (though NOT the piece above his head), and with some new coloring, create myself a PoC RAPTOR. I mean, between the two of those figures, we have the majority of all the elements we need to make an even cooler Raptor figure. (Of course, if one were so inclined, and actually wanted to, he could build a new PoC style Night Vulture by similar means, without the need for a clunky glider… Hmmm, never had, nor wanted, a Night Vulture figure before now, but this might be an idea worth pursuing, possibly even as a Club exclusive down the road, who knows?)

    All-in-all, this is a figure I’ve been waiting on for sure, and now after seeing these awesome detail shots, more than ever, and I’d like to have several of them just to keep as they are. Maybe 5-7 of them to create their own little jungle recon/attack unit, and slightly tweak one to show unit command and so forth. Might be a worthy investment for sure. Thanks for these terrific pics Gyre-Viper…and Justin as well for the heads up and mirroring of them for us.

  5. Hawk, you’re a guy who knows things and have prototype figures, do you know if that Cobra Whirl Wind is ever gonna come out? Also your locations for outdoor shots are a lot better now!

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