JoeCon 2010 Recap – Friday (2010 Product Reveal)

To many folks the Friday product reveal was fairly unexciting, and didn’t show much new information that we had not seen before.  We did get confirmation that Ashiko with the motorcycle armor and the HISS Scout were still in the pipeline, only now slated to come out in early 2011.

Also, eagle eyed viewers caught a nice glimpse of the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit in the Jungle Diorama that Hasbro had on the Convention floor on Friday.  The awesome thing about these dioramas is that these are the actual dioramas that Hasbro used to take pictures for the package backs for the Pursuit of Cobra figures!

But, even though the true fun would be shown on Saturday, there was some very nice product on hand that made for some great images.  I think in this particular case, pictures speak louder than words.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry link” below to check out all the pics!

Friday Pursuit of Cobra Figures

Friday Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles

Friday G.I. Joe: Resolute Figures

Friday Pursuit of Cobra Dioramas

Friday Pursuit of Cobra Filecards and Packaging

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  1. Justin, you’re right, pics say a lot! And I am troop building the heck out of these cobra troops when they hit this fall!

  2. Really appreciated for sharing the pictures, Saludos from México

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