Back home from RI… will be playing catch up

Okay, I’m officially back home from the Convention, but obviously spent the night with the family.  Got some school work to catch up on, then will try to play some catch up over the next few days.  I think I covered most of the new stuff at the Con, but I definitely want to talk about the Collectors’ Club round table, give more specific details about the Pursuit of Cobra figures, and I should probably get the PoC SuperPage revamp started.  ;)

For anyone who frequented the page during the Con rampage, thank you very much.  I know I wasn’t all that current with the news and info as it happened, but a guy’s gotta have some fun at the Con, too.  And I did.  But we’ll leave all those gory details out of the web articles, I should think.

A few guys out there will know what I’m talking about.  ;)

Thanks again to all the readers for making GeneralsJoes their “home”.  A lot of folks came up to me at the Con and expressed their thanks, appreciation, and let me know what they thought of the site, and for that I’m infinitely appreciative.  I’ll continue to try my hardest to make GJ worth your while.  I may not have the latest news up the second it breaks, but I’ll try to get as much info as possible, and put my own “fanboy” slant on it.

The rest of 2010 and into 2011 looks absolutely amazing from a Pursuit of Cobra perspective.  Where we go from there with G.I. Joe: Renegades is anyone’s guess, and it makes me a bit nervous, but regardless, G.I. Joe ain’t going anywhere any time soon.

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  1. hi, my name is Alex, im from Mexico, and i’ve been collecting G.I. Joe for almost 20 years, it’s very difficult to find a lot of figures, not all of them are even in Mexico… well i have two questions, when can i start looking for the pursuit of Cobra figures?, and the figure of Ripcord of this POC series, will be available?, thanks, and i just wanna say that this is the best page of G.I. Joe… YO!!! JOE!!!…

  2. Great idea for next years con….SPRINGFIELD, IL. The convention set could be comprised of ‘The Fridge’ in official Bears jersey. Mr. Perry could even attend as a Joe Con guest. It seems almost perfect for a Joe Con venue. What do you think? ;-)

  3. it was great meeting Justin and Gary and everyone affiliated or a fan of Generals Joes. this website got the most compliments all around from everyone as a whole.
    everything always came back to ‘that’s why I like’ type thing.
    big up the generals.

  4. Exactly what i wanted to ask. How come the cases for pre-orders are at $83.99 ? The same as the RoC ones? I thought the PoC figures were listed two dollars lower at $5.99 instead of $7.99. Are the online retailers guessing? Gouging us? Anyone know?

  5. Yes, price is definitely a consideration for me being able to get the entire line of figures. Couldn’t care less for the Mechs (though I may be forced into buying one for the Desert Viper, where they had the right idea, but wrong head for the job, although the head they chose would have been spot on for the Snow Serpent II v3).

    Anyway, if the price is going to be RoC-diculous, then I won’t be able to buy nearly as many as I have planned at the moment, at the originally stated $6 mark. All I can say is, that retailers had better not be trying to gouge us, or they may likely find themselves with a lot more product left on the shelves than they would at the lower price point.

    As a side note: I think the Fridge idea would be an insanely terrible one, especially because it was a bad idea the first go around. I mean the guy is an overweight ex-footbal player, with no type of military affiliation whatsoever, who carries around a football on a stick?! What? At least the Sarge sort of fit the bill as a character who dished out and took physical punishment as Sgt. Slaughter in the ring. By name alone, the character fits the GI Joe theme, even if you hate wrestling. The Fridge is just where you store food and beverages to keep them cold. HOWEVER, if the Fridge is re-released as a ‘fridge full of YoJoe! Cola for my action figure bases, then I’m for it. Sort of be like a Pepsi machine to go in the Action Team HQ by tkprime and his gang over on their site.

    So, unless the Chicago Bears just won the Super Bowl again, and the Fudge was actually on the playing field as an important facet of the team, then I reiterate, no, it would be an insanely bad idea to release a new Fridge as part of anything other than a toy refrigerator stocked with YoJoe! Cola. Also, a single figure does not a set make. Official Jersey or otherwise.

    If they want to go with a Springfield set, then I’d suggest something more like the assault on Springfield, with an exclusive Serpentor figure based on the way he looked as he led the holding action to allow Destro and the Baroness to get the citizens of Springfield to Cobra Island. Set would be something like: Serpentor, Firefly, Scrap-Iron, Mindbender, Tele-Viper, 6 Cobra Troopers and the Brainwave Scanner (so that all of those who manage to get Dr. Venom will also have the Scanner). Then a smaller run of individual figures and mini sets comprising General Hawk, Stalker, a few others, and then a Sarge based on the version of him when he arrived at the PITT in 48, Apprentice Billy, Soft Master, Candy, Prof. Appel and ORIGINAL Ripcord (in Zartan disguise/damage) and Zartan (disguised as Ripcord). Now THAT would all be worth having, and much more suitable to a Springfield oriented set than the Fridge.

    @ Alex – The Ripcord figure will be released as Skydive(right?) with a worse color scheme than the desert Ripcord vesrion, which was great except for that stupid Wayans head. The new version will have the RoC Flash head and a crappy new color scheme, according to what was indicated in several of the pics from the show.

  6. Regardless of all the other hoopla and hinyanny, you do rock pretty hardcore Justin. Thanks for all the fanboy coverage and clear pics with information :D

  7. Good meeting you too Gary. I too caught a couple of complements about the site….not like I do anything major around here, but I certainly made sure to pass those onto Justin.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not married on the idea of ‘Fridge’, but I’m trying to get the club to make it to Illinois. Chicago is waaay to expensive (thanks to Dailey and the Unions) for a small company like the club to ever host a convention in the Windy City, but there are other venues…like Springfield. I’ve noticed that, whenever possible, the club tries to incorporate the state into that years exclusives. I was just throwing ‘The Fridge’ idea out there to sweeten the pot.

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