Updated JoeCon Images – Pursuit of Cobra for 2011

Wow.  You know, I thought the 2010 Pursuit of Cobra product looked pretty bad ass.  Turned out I hadn’t seen anything yet.  Holy crap.

The figures they showed us today are simply in SANE.  Yes, it’s another Destro.  Yes, it’s another Duke, and another Snake Eyes, and yes, even another Storm Shadow.  But these figures absolutely ROCK.

Plus…  Low Light.  Awesomeness.  A perfect blend of the 25th Anniversary style with the Pursuit of Cobra design aesthetic.  And hell!  Desert Scorpion, too.  Jeez!  Fantastic looking figures.  Check out the image flood below.

Pursuit of Cobra 2011

Pursuit of Cobra 2010 Packaging and Filecards

The only major down side with the Pursuit of Cobra is that it ends in Spring, 2011, to be replaced by the Renegades toyline in Fall, 2011.  Still, I’m going to enjoy the ride while it lasts!

20 thoughts on “Updated JoeCon Images – Pursuit of Cobra for 2011

  1. Hmm. Not really happy with Hasbro’s refusal to break away from the constant Dukes, Snake Eyes’, Storm Shadows, or Destros. That’s going to come back and bite them, but at least they look decent. I love the ‘Aliens’ M-56 “Smart Gun” Destro has, though it’s a bit oversized.

  2. My god these are the best Destro and Dukes yet!

    Can’t wait to buy it.

  3. I see Duke also has an ‘Aliens’ weapon; the M-41 Pulse Rifle in black and silver. I do sense a theme here. Hell, with ‘Aliens’ and ‘Predator’ being coverd in G.I. Joe, what’s next? ;)

  4. That Destro should have been the next Shock-Viper or SAW-Viper. That is way too good a figure and those guns are too good, for just ‘yet’ another version of Destro.

  5. is that a Crimson Guard in the first card image? Are we getting some CGs? Please tell me we’re getting CGs.

  6. That Destro is a great looking figure, and even though I’ll be giving it a different head, I am totally buying it. Fantastic deco on the head, and who DOESN’T want a briefcase full of money.

    The new Snake Eyes was something that I was dismissing sight unseen… but looking at it there, I want it way more than I ever did the Resolute version. If it only had a trench knife too.

    The new Salvo looking Duke is pretty cool, but I’m still not sold on that new Duke head. I may end up getting it, and popping a Rock’n’Roll head on it, its got a bit of the v.2 Rock look to it. I’m not entirely sold on the post-movie team logo either, which is really big, and really yellow to me.

    The Cobra Shock Trooper is FANTASTIC looking.

    Skydive looks about as good as he did when he was Desert Ripcord, but I don’t know if the new colours work as well as the old ones.

  7. Also somewhat sick of the reused characters, but some of those accessories are amazing.
    The duke looks like he’s blending into the Renegade style, at least as you described it. Hopefully that line keeps a similar aestetic as these.

  8. By the way, you can see Spirit (or Dart?) in the back of the Shadow Tracker pic.

  9. Looks like there was a mention of a Terror Drome on one of the card-backs. Maybe more than just text? Maybe something big? A new Terror Drome would just rock!

  10. Not sure what to think yet.

    Yes, these are all very cool figures.

    But, we get more Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke and Destro…..boring! And what happened to the Desert/Arctic/Urban/Jungle theme ??? Most of these aren’t directed any particular way. I’d say Cobra Shock Trooper and the HISS Attack Scout are Urban, Shadow Tracker and Spirit are Jungle and Cobra Minotaur is Desert and Mountain Wolf is Arctic. Beyond that? Could be anything really.

    No Desert troopers? No arctic troopers? 4 figures per wave ??? No alpha/bravo vehicle assortments for waves 3 and 4?

    Is this really it? Or just a small glimpse at part of what we will get next year?

    It just seems like leftovers, not a well thought out product like waves 1 & 2 made it appear to be.

    And I’m sorry, I know I should be all axcited about a new GIJoe cartoon but the fact that the toys will support it in Fall of 2011 and that it focuses on a small core group only lets me know that A) Come next fall, we will get yet another Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, etc, etc. and that B) since it focuses on a small core, we will get 20+ versions of each character wave after wave after wave.

    I’m so disapointed that we’re not getting Arctic Duke or Elite Ice-Viper. If I could just find an auction for that Duke WITH his freakin jacket.

    Anyways, hopefully we hear something else today about overall intent and possibly missing figures and vehicles here

  11. OMG. Man these are awesome! I’ve been collecting joes for long enough to not really care about the spam characters anymore; I mean, I can swap out heads, so there’s no difference to me. On top of that, some of them haven’t been that awesome down the line. I think Reso-Duke was the first Duke I actually liked. Snake Eyes, of course, ALWAYS has awesome figures, and I guess that’s kinda annoying, but only because they put so much work into him and it looked like they didn’t put as much work into others. That’s not the case here! FINALLY. Snake Eyes looks amazing, yes, but the Cobra Trooper is ALSO amazing! Equal work being put into a grunt? Fantastic. It’s about freakin’ time.

    Then, of course, I’m geeked about the accessories. I’m an accessory freak, and even if the figures doing scream “awesome” the accessories make ’em totally worth it. Destro, for instance: I don’t know what the hell is going on with his warhammer look, but a simple headswap will make him someone else! Even then, I’m still interested in why he looks like that, and maybe I’ll leave ’em as is! Who knows. The point is that his accessories RULE. The armor, the minigun, the friggin’ cannon at his feet: totally awesome.

    While I agree with the sentiments on the PoC line dieing in 2011 (it looks like the scale of that line could go way past one year), I am still looking forward to what this new line can bring. We can finally start updating characters again, rather than rehashing them or changing them completely.

  12. These figs really are cool looking! Anybody know what head to swap on ‘warhammer Destro’? I say that now, but may keep it when I get my paws on it!

  13. I’m thinking a Crimson Guard head would work, so make a sort of updated Crimson Guard Immortal. He was packing some serious heat back with his original figure, so this could certainly be used as an update.

  14. I simply refuse to take this line seriously until they fix Cobra Commander. Stop using that ridiculous design. Just make him look the way he should and I’ll buy in. Hell, I might even go see the next terrible movie if he has a hood on in it.

  15. I have to agree with Hawkwinter — it looks like what is being released at this point is a relatively smaller amount of product. I cannot help but wonder what PoC could’ve been had RoC sales been stronger.

    c’est la vie, I guess it is all for the best. I hope the Renegades product looks strong next year.

  16. Cobra Commander’s comment: The roundtable about the new show stated that CC will be returning to his ‘ol silver mask for the toon, so you can be sure his toy will as well! I mean, they’ve only got a few showings for the Renegades show, so I imagine we’ll get a proper CC for that line in 2011.

  17. I guess I’m most disappointed by the cancellation of CS Scarlett. Maybe the Resolute version will come with her accessories. I’m blown away by the Shock Trooper, Shadow Tracker, and Commando Snakes. Once again I see myself buying multiples. At first I was really pumped by Hicks/Duke, but the more I see the less I’m sure. Its cool that they’ve combined elements of RoC and resolute, but I’m not sure I like the sculpted body armor. Resolute Duke set a high bar for me.

  18. Alexx, I sincerely hope that’s true. The movie design is just so insulting I refuse to even acknowledge anything remotely associated with the movie because of it.

  19. Cobra Commander – It is true. The cartoon producers confirmed it during the Hasbro seminar at the convention. It was greeted with rousing applause!

  20. “Cobra Commander – It is true. The cartoon producers confirmed it during the Hasbro seminar at the convention. It was greeted with rousing applause!”

    And well it should have been, as the RoC/PoC “Cobra Commander” is the absolute WORST version of CC since that crappy gold helmeted, red face visored version in the ’91(?) line with the over muscled legs. The RoC/PoC “CC” would have made for a much better Red Shadows type villain, especially the metallic red chestplate version with the cool Mini-HISS.

    CC’s faceplate battle helmet and hooded looks are iconic for that character. Don’t go mucking with it in such an absurd and completely unfamiliar style and expect everyone to just suddenly love it and accept it as anything but a slap in the face.

    This is especially true for those who are fans of the CC character in specific. (Just like sex and race changes to other established characters, like Dial-Tone and “Ripcord” respectively.) The female “Dial-Tone” I call “Dial-a-Date” and the Wayans “Ripcord” is “Ripclod”, that way they can still fit in as new characters without replacing the original versions, although I don’t accept them anyway, lol.

    Aside from that, these figures basically look good (though I could have done without a new Duke, etc., and that Destro will make for a new guy, maybe a SAW Viper or a new Iron Grenadier soldier of some sort). I’ll also be getting a PoC Raptor out of this set, as well… :) Maybe even a SkullBuster and a few others too…

    I noticed on one of the display toppers what looks to be a Crimson Shadow Guard. Something else to be looking for…? I hope so.

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