Updated JoeCon Images – Pursuit of Cobra for 2011

Wow.  You know, I thought the 2010 Pursuit of Cobra product looked pretty bad ass.  Turned out I hadn’t seen anything yet.  Holy crap.

The figures they showed us today are simply in SANE.  Yes, it’s another Destro.  Yes, it’s another Duke, and another Snake Eyes, and yes, even another Storm Shadow.  But these figures absolutely ROCK.

Plus…  Low Light.  Awesomeness.  A perfect blend of the 25th Anniversary style with the Pursuit of Cobra design aesthetic.  And hell!  Desert Scorpion, too.  Jeez!  Fantastic looking figures.  Check out the image flood below.

Pursuit of Cobra 2011

Pursuit of Cobra 2010 Packaging and Filecards

The only major down side with the Pursuit of Cobra is that it ends in Spring, 2011, to be replaced by the Renegades toyline in Fall, 2011.  Still, I’m going to enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Quick Hits – G.I. Joe: Renegades

I just got out of the Hasbro seminar and done with my volunteer duties, and before I take pics of the abso-freaking lutely AWESOME Pursuit of Cobra stuff for 2011 (and while I wait for my camera batteries to charge) I wanted to just drop some information about the new animated series coming to The Hub this fall.

These are some notes I jotted down that can be found at the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.

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Stay Tuned tomorrow for JoeCon Info

So I know today was a pretty quiet day and I kind of shot all my pics up at once at the end…I’m hoping it’ll be different tomorrow.

Just an idea of tomorrow’s rundown and when to expect coverage to start firing up.

The Hasbro seminar is at 11:00am, and goes until 11:50.  But then I’ve got to work for the Collectors’ Club from 12:00pm until 1:00pm.  The goal is to head back up to the room around 1:00pm and start doing pics and notes from the Hasbro seminar.

Tomorrow we should get a look at G.I. Joe: Renegades, the 2011 Pursuit of Cobra product, and some cool stuff we have NOT seen yet.  If you think Joe Con has been mostly the same stuff we’ve seen, don’t worry.  More is definitely in the works tomorrow!  It’s been a blast so far!

JoeCon 2010 Image Onslaught

I’m slowly getting caught up here with image preparation and such, so here is an onslaught of pictures that I’ve taken over the past couple of days.  Included here are images of the Hasbro tour, shots from the display cases today, etc…

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