JoeCon 2010 – Where the news at?

I know for it being a JoeCon weekend, GeneralsJoes has been noticably silent, but trust me that’s only because it’s been a very busy few days.  When not taking tours and volunteering for the club, I’m being dragged to restaurants and bars and forced to consume various amounts of food and liquids that are totally alien to me.  Trust me, after one of those sessions, you don’t want to see me typing.

Anyway…  news has been pretty quiet to date.  There’s not a whole lot more to report.  I’ve got photos of the showroom preparing to upload, but most of it is what we’ve seen before.

However…  Hasbro is kicking off their seminar tomorrow, and it promises to be full of new information about G.I. Joe: Renegades, other 2011 plans, and there should be some new product to check out as well.

Eagle eyed picture watchers have hopefully located a new Spirit figure in various diorama pictures already.  But if not…

Looks like he’s a combination of other parts, but a pretty awesome combination.  I promise more good stuff is coming, it just hasn’t hit yet.

13 thoughts on “JoeCon 2010 – Where the news at?

  1. Whew! that is one awesome Spirit! reminds me a lot of “Billy” from the Predator movie (i guess the Hasbro designers went that way for him) i just hope the final release comes with his gloves fully painted. ’cause it looks like he has unpainted gloves, am i wrong?

  2. Aside from Predator’s “Billy” it also reminds me of Tommy Arashikage from the Marvel issue 26 comic pack.

  3. That’s a Billy custom or a new Predator line. First he has the M-16 with shotgun attachment, second the machete, third that little bang that hung just so over his eye. Also it looks like he has an O-ring; Hasbro has said that going forward the anniversary design is the new standard.

  4. That looks fantastic; Happy to see a new Spirit, and happy to see that it incorporates the bow use and arm graphics from the Sigma Six version.

    I do have to agree with m6d that it does look like the ‘Nam style Storm Shadow they did a few years back.

  5. I have to agree with Werecat, that whole dio has a “Predator” feel, and the other collectors I asked said that Spirit reminds them of Billy

  6. “Also it looks like he has an O-ring”

    It’s not an O-ring figure. You can see the chest separation in the third photo.

  7. I didn’t see the chest separation but from what I’m gathering these are real figures? For the sake of Hasbro I hope they change the head on Spirit or pay the actor who played Billy because from the stories I’ve heard over the years he’ll drive to Providence with a real Machete and open a can up on them something fierce. He was/is one bad mama jama

  8. Wow. So this guy is going to be a TRU exclusive? Forget the figure, forget that the actor is going to open a can on Hasbro, we’re getting an M-16 with a freaking SHOTGUN!!!! This has made my week.

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