Introducing… SK Omega

While I’m waiting for the Joe images to upload, I wanted to post an update to the project I mentioned from Molten Monkey International a couple of days ago…  I had a chance to take a good look at some of their potential offerings and talk to the brains behind the outfit a bit, and this sounds like the real deal.

This is what we know so far:

  • 3 3/4″ Figures
  • O-ring style with screws in the back, metal rivets, metal T-bars
  • High quality vehicles with a very 80’s “feel”
  • Elaborate, intricate, well detailed tooling
  • The goal is to have a vintage figure vibe mixed with a very modern day aesthetic for a good bridge between the two.  They want to appeal to both audiences
  • Production is in the very early stages, hoping for product launch middle of 2011
  • Figures, comic, and animation all hitting
  • Main figure and vehicle designers are Ron Rudat and Guy Cassady, two of the brightest brains behind the original Real American Hero line

GeneralsJoes also took a ton of pictures and video for the upcoming product, which you can check out below.

SK Omega Figures

SK Omega Vehicles

SK Omega Playset – “The Hive”

SK Omega – The Animation

This looks like an exceptionally cool toyline that’s worth keeping an eye out for.  GeneralsJoes will work to get all of the latest information as it becomes available!

29 thoughts on “Introducing… SK Omega

  1. Holy cowabunga!

    Figures look nice, but the playset is the real gem!
    It’s like the old Cobra Missile base in full 3D, plastic form!

  2. These look interesting and very promising. Always welcome playsets to work in with my joes!

  3. Would like to see the actual figures; I really dig that helicopter; a 3 3/4-scale Harrier will be awesome; and I’m in agreement with everybody else that the playset looks great. That animation, however, is brutal. :)

  4. Can’t wait to see the figs. Definitely gotta repaint that chopper as the Cobra ones from the Marvel comics.

  5. gah, ”try hard’

    fumbled the key on that one.

    Loving the Harrier and other Jet. I think that Transport Helicopter is every Cobra fan’s dream come true.

  6. All over the helo, but need to see actual figures to decide on them. They look cool from the pictures, but for all we know they could be corps quality.

  7. I’m taking it Hasbro has no faith in Gi Joe as a brand any more if they are BRiNGING COMPETITION TO THEIR OWN CONVENTION. Sure the stuff looks nice but this is a Gi Joe convention and should focus on Gi Joe only. Bringing in a competitor’s product, no matter how small, is absolutely ludicrous. It would be like Sony showing up at E3 plugging something from Microsoft or Nintendo. Adding the fact that there’s apparently little to no new product for the Con this year, how did Hasbro manage to botch up their own Gi Joe convention this badly?


    I hope those really cool planes are in the 1:18 scale!!!!!


    I really HOPE them really cool planes shall come in the 1:18 scale!

  10. No Yojoeski,

    Hasbro has a lot of faith in G.I. Joe. This line looks to cater to the “hardcore” G.I. Joe fans, while the Joe line itself is a general audience, kid-friendly product. That HIVE playset is the centerpiece of the SK Omega line; and it looks like Hasbro is literally relying on a third party to sell what is essentially a Terrordrome.
    Hasbro did the same this with Funrise around 8 to 10 years ago, as that company produced a lot of G.I. JOe vehicles.

  11. Derrick, rule number 1 of business, don’t promote your competition. It might not be much competition but it is still competition. I did some checking around and found out that something like this happened in the early 80’s when the Colecovision gaming console had released for it an add-on that allowed it to play Atari 2600 games. The very system that Colecovision was competing against. Doesn’t that logic seem flawed at the very very least? The same thing applies with this. If Hasbro is allowing a 3rd party to produce Gi Joe items, then that’s one thing. Companies do that all the time. But this is not the case. This is another toy line altogether which, being military-type action figures, will be in direct competition with Gi Joe. I’m not saying its the end of the Gi Joe line, but I am saying it can’t be far off because as evidenced at this Convention, Hasbro has lost most, if not all, faith Gi Joe as a brand.

  12. It’s not Hasbro’s “own convention”, Yojoeski — it’s run by Fun Publications and I assume it’s FunPub and not Hasbro who decides whether companies like Molten Monkey can attend.

    As for faith in the brand — there’s a movie sequel and a new cartoon on the way. I would think Hasbro has plenty of faith in the brand.

  13. Don’t forget that Cotswold Collectibles produces their own line of 12″ figures and has had a booth at JoeCon for a long while. Also, the convention is run and paid for by Fun Publications, not Hasbro. It is they who sell the booth space.

  14. Steley, I don’t believe there is gonna be a movie sequel. Everyone knows the movie performed far lower than expected and the toy line for it was pretty much crapped on for its awful pricing and sub-par toys. Most of which is deserved because ROC had some good stuff but a lot of it was absolutely terrible. Most of the Gi Joe fanbase seems to want to forget everything that was Rise Of Cobra and I think Hasbro knows it and seriously doesn’t want to revisit it any time soon.

    Like I said the line had some good stuff and a few items that were borderline great, but most of it was so generic and so campy that lots of fans were turned off. However it’s not lack of interest that caused ROC to be a failure. Hasbro priced themselves out with this line and the people that allowed those toys to be sold for what they were initially sold for should be fired. Not reprimanded, fired because there is no telling how much money Hasbro cost themselves with their ridiculous pricing of ROC’s items. I hope they’ll learn their lesson with POC and Renegades but I’m really not optimistic.

  15. If Lanard had ever made a cartoon for their toys, that’s pretty much what I would have expected it to look like. A poor man’s GI Joe.

    IF the toys are really good, I might buy them, but so far I don’t see any animation, story, or character to make me excited about SK Omega.

  16. I think the figures are a refreshing look at what Hasbro has done in the past. Hasbro keeps rehashing most of thier figures without any invention on new ideas. The New SK Omega figures look awesome and I can’t wait till they come out and add them to my collection. From what I am hearing they will be put together like the G.I.Joes from the 80’s with pins and screws and o-ring. That suits me just fine. And they will have annimation that goes along with the figures as well as comic books that tell the story of SK Omega.

    The vehicles and playsets are also very awesome and Guy Cassaday did a great job in designing them. The Hive which looks alot like Ron Rudat’s design of the Cobra Missle Base looks awesome.

  17. I will wait until I see some updated packaging &/or pictures of the figures before I part with any of my cash.GIJoe will NOT falter if & when SK Omega hits the shelves.

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