Red Shadows Command Center downloadable template

I showed you folks the excellent MSGiJoe Collectors’ Club Adventure Team HQ and the Terror Drome downloadable dio playsets a few weeks ago…and now they’ve updated again!

This time around they’ve got a fantastic Red Shadows Command Center, available in high resolution at their forums right here.  Check out a very small sampling of the images below.  I love this sort of stuff, kudos to the MS GIJoe Collectors’ Club for making this available!

5 thoughts on “Red Shadows Command Center downloadable template

  1. Thanks for sharing this HQ with us, tkprime. From what I can see, it looks really awesome and I hope I can get it printed and assembled sometime soon. ( I assume adhering the images to foam board is the suggested way to go for best results?)

    Would it be possible for you to provide links to each of the other setups you’ve done so far, such as the Terror Drome? I’m not overly familiar with your site’s specifics yet, so I’m not really sure where to go or look for things in specific.

    Also, if you’d like some original art to use on some of your monitor screens or just whatever you’d have in mind to use them for, let me know. I have some stuff that might work well for you. (Think Cobra training screen in the RS Command Center, for example.)

    Thanks again for the great work and all the effort put into creating these.

  2. Silent Master, I’d welcome any original art, (Our site is open to all to join). I’ve added a few alt. computer screens (Including one with the ROBOSKULL) Anyone who’s ever built a dio has their own favorite materials that they use, so it’s whatever you are comfortable with, (be it Heavy Cardstock, foamcore, or sheet metel, or etc,etc). I just wanted to offer up something that could be used as a companion piece to this years JOECON set. (And we have lots of Dios coming), I wish to Thank You all for your emails and Support.

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