Molten Monkey International Debuting New Original Toy License at Joe Con 2010

Molten Monkey International LLC is proud to announce a line of action figures, vehicles, and playsets based on characters from an all-new original story. MMI has been working with distinguished toy designers Ron Rudat and Guy Cassaday to bring action figures back to their roots. Some of their amazing designs will be on display at the Molten Monkey booth. Guy Cassaday will be in attendance at the MMI booth to sign autographs and discuss anything related to the new toy line, his history with GI Joe, and his work with Tonka. Ron Rudat will also be present at the show as a special guest of Master Collector and Joe Con 2010.

Guy Cassaday
Guy Cassaday’s extensive and diverse career in product design and illustration has contributed to some of the most significant American toy concepts in the last three decades including the redesign of the iconic Tonka Mighty Dump Truck. His career at Tonka led to the design of other construction vehicles, bringing to life his love of vehicle design. A brief stint at Playskool in Chicago led Guy to Hasbro, Inc. where he excelled as the premier GI Joe vehicle designer known for large vehicles such as the Mobile Command Center, Persuader, Sky Storm, Conquest and Rolling Thunder. In 1997, Guy launched Cassaday Design, Inc. and branched off into general consumer product design while keeping his hand in the toy industry.

Ron Rudat
Ron Rudat started working for Hasbro Toy Company in 1971 as an illustrator, eventually working his way up to Senior Designer in his 28 year tenure. Starting in 1980, Ron was responsible for figure designs of the Real American Hero toy line continuing through the 1987 assortment. In addition, he designed accessories, vehicles, weapons, and many of the logos including the infamous Cobra logo. He now runs and owns Bright Ideas! Design, Inc. doing freelance for such companies as Hasbro, Mattel, Toybiz, among others. He and his son, Tristan Rudat, have also been working on a documentary telling the story of the artists and designers responsible for bringing GIJOE to life.

Don’t forget to stop by the Molten Monkey International booth at Joe Con 2010 in April, in Providence, Rhode Island. Hope to see you all there!

12 thoughts on “Molten Monkey International Debuting New Original Toy License at Joe Con 2010

  1. Hope their figures are also 3 3/4 so we could have alternative to Hasbro. A little competition might wake them up and be on their toes again. It’s been years since they take us fans seriously.

  2. Uh-oh. That pic has me very intrigued, as do the credentials of the guys mentioned. I smell my wallet burning.

  3. Weird they don’t have a website or anything that I could find, but I’m very interested to see what type of figures/vehicles/playsets they come up with.

    And I’d LOVE to know more about that documentary that Tristan and Ron Rudat are working on.

  4. Strider – If the website isn’t live yet, I imagine it’s coming very soon. JoeCon is the “official” launch time, so after that goes on, I’d expect a full on blitz.


    If that picture is an indication of things to come from this line, I can’t wait.

  6. Man, I hope these guys get as much internet coverage for us unable to attend as the rest of the con. I am super-intrigued.

  7. Underbrush – You can count on it. I fully plan on covering the crap out of these great looking toys. I have a feeling there’s some awesome stuff in the pipeline for this license.

  8. Looks like the Technodrome from Ninja Turtles to me.

    Am I the only one disappointed by the lack of monkeys?

  9. Figures!
    Original story and characters!

    Great news, I’m curious indeed.

    I really like the artwork and can’t wait to see some product! If they’re anything like the new Joes, I’ll be picking them up for sure.

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