G.I. Joe: Renegades the title for the animated series?

Take this as the major rumor that it is, but according to a thread by BCYOJOE on HissTank.com someone posted on Twitter that they’d uncovered a potential name for the upcoming G.I. Joe animated series.  The Twitter post was quickly deleted, but the poster had a screenshot.  Seems pretty convenient, but you never know.

Hopefully we’ll find out some more information at JoeCon next week!  Six days away!

  • JEM!!!!!

    …I mean, huh… Renegades, you say? Interesting…

  • Nas

    So…you gonna sue? Between that and the odd choice of Hit-n-Run being released for the 25th line…at all!…I’d say you’ve got some fans at Hasbro or something. Or, I’d just like to believe that, ‘cuz it’s a cool idea.

  • DistantFred

    I’m probably the only one who really hopes that Sargeant Slaughter is not involved in any capacity, aren’t I?

  • DistantFred…there’s at least one other person who shares that sentiment… me.