GIJoeCon 2010 Convention Set Video Online

Not content to merely post images of the new figures in the 2010 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention set, the Club has also posted a terrific video to their Facebook page featuring very nice 360 degree glimpses at the figures in the set.  I’m loving these things more and more every time I see them.  Even Flint, which I was kind of questioning with the random, somewhat splotchy camouflage pattern is now looking a lot better.  Great work on this one, for sure.  Check out the mirrored video below…

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7 thoughts on “GIJoeCon 2010 Convention Set Video Online

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  2. The end of that video completely reminded me of an episode of COPS.

    Radio: *static* Yeah, we got a disturbance at the Joe Con. Apparently some 25th fan is running around snapping o-rings. Requesting backup, over.

  3. Looks like Black Major’s shoulder stripes are now located below the rivets. That’s good.

  4. @tkprime — No but the fandom is pretty divided over whether or not the club should offer sets o-ringed. Personally I feel that they should only because fans of the 25A sculpting will be able to get new figures in that style at retail locations in the Fall. Fans of the original o-ring style will be completely SOL if the Club switches over 100%. If that happens, some fans, like myself, will just stop buying the exclusives as I passed 100% on every convention exclusive last year.

  5. My big complaint is that apparently, guys like me who have never had any real access to the Red Shadows, and who do not make it to the Cons, nor have the available cash to purchase these bigger Exclusive sets, are still getting shafted. Sure, these new guys look pretty cool, and the set looks awesome for what it is, but all I can do is look, knowing that I will likely never manage to get them.

    So, complaining about whether they should be O-ring or 25th style (25th sculpting is awesome, but I HATE the torso joints) seems pretty ridiculous from my point of view. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter on the subject because I can’t get them anyway, and so the rest of you guys are like haha who cares?

    My point is, and no offense here, but who CARES which form they get released in?! At least you guys can actually GET them. I’m stuck peeking through the glass at your cool toys, lol. Even so, I am at least happy that you guys can get them, whether I can or not, so congrats on that!

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