Hot damn…new Iron Man 2 toys are making me a little too excited

Okay, I’m a fringe Marvel Universe fan at best.  The last time I read comics on a regular basis was the 90’s and while I survived Rob Liefield’s path of destruction through the medium as we know it, I did sorta lose track during the Spider-Man clone fiasco, and haven’t really looked back.  Sure, I poked my head in on the Ultimate universe, the death of Captain America, and am sort of checking out Siege here and there, but that’s really about it.

Thankfully, for those unusual folks like me, there are the movies and the cartoons to keep me engaged.  While most toy geeks lament the fact that the movies and animated series aren’t faithful to the comic roots, those funky nerds like me who don’t really care about the stories and care more about the core characters are able to be kept in the loop without having to worry about the past four pesky decades of continuity.  The first Iron Man movie, to me, was the best in class for this recent outcropping of comics flicks (yes, I even rate it above The Dark Knight, heresy on the internetz, I know), and the sequel looks like it will be more of the same.

Even better, the toys for the sequel look to match the quality of Paramount’s tour de force as well.  I’m sure the initial toys were probably just dandy as well, but they were six inches tall, which doesn’t fit into my current collection philosophy, which is the smaller the better because I have no space to store crap.  Amazingly enough, Hasbro looks to have taken the detail from the six inch figures and squished them down into a 3 3/4″ scale…these figures are smaller, but damn do they look freaking amazing. has revealed a nice batch of these figures, accurate to the film, and while most of them look totally bad ass, the one I’m really focusing my love on is Samuel “Nick Fury” Jackson in some 3 3/4″ glory.  Sure, we’ve all got enough Mace Windu’s to choke a stable of horses, but this Jackson actually uses some G.I. Joe parts!  And he has a bad ass trench coat.

It’s pretty much the best 3 3/4″ figure ever made…

I know this is barely G.I. Joe related, but news is a bit slow these days…gotta take some toy joy where I can get it.

  • GuitarDevil

    I spotted some of these at TRU already, and for the price they are great! Good paint jobs, great detail, even cheaper than MU and the quality is so much better. Like you I’m on the edge of MU collecting I’ve passed on quite a few of them cause of horrible paint jobs and lack of accessories and total reuse of parts, all for a just 10 bux? I want to buy MU but the price is just way too little toy bang for our hard earned cash…..

  • m6d

    I picked up the comics series War Machine and classic armor this past weekend. Very cool figures and the stands with bio cards are a nice touch. The 3 3/4″ War Machine is very cool! I hope they do a second comic series with the Silver Centurian armor. Between the Secret Wars figures (Thor, Hawkeye, DOOM!) and Iron Man 2 3 3/4″ in 2010 is so far ruled by Marvel.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    While I’d rather have Joe stuff on shelves to buy, I’m glad for the hiatus because the IM2 figures look incredible. I’m hoping the 6″ figures are easy to get because I’d like to add the IM2 armors to my collection alongside the first movie armor figures.

  • gung.heaux

    ive never read an iron man comic in my life. i do love him visually as far as comics go. but the movie so impressed me that i have two of the figs from Iron Man–the Mk1 and the iron monger, and have picked up three from Iron Man 2–Mk1, comic, Mk1 movie, and war machine, comic. the smaller scale movie Mk1 has better detail than the 6″ version from the first film.

    yay! i have two Mk1 armors, but no kamakura!

  • I picked up Comic War Machine and Iron Monger this weekend. Fantastic figures.

  • Pentastar

    “It’s pretty much the best 3 3/4″ figure ever made…”

    Well, you may not be the biggest Joe fanboy in the world anymore, but you are still the master of hyperbole.

    I’m guessing your City Strike Snake Eyes is watching sad movies and eating a quart of rocky road after that one.

  • Majik40

    I picked up the Comic War Machine & Comic Crimson Dynamo. I’m really liking these figures. I’ll definitely be picking up the Fury & Whiplash.

  • Yeah, I was purposefully over the top on that one. Either that or I was blinded by the resemblance to Shaft. Shut yo mouth!

  • Alexx

    These are very VERY good figures! Absolute little works of art for the size; I have not seen this kinda detail on a mass market figure of this size before. I wish they would take some ideas from this line and use it on the MU line, honestly. I got some pics up at Joebattlelines in the “geekin’ out” section. These suckers are so much fun! Granted, I’m a robot/armor fan, so these guys blow me away. I’ve got almost everything so far, and I have only been disappointed in little stuff, like Classic Iron Man’s hands or the range of movement in some heads (or in War Machine all together). Otherwise, I LOVE these figures!

  • Jay

    Black Widow and Nick Fury could easily be intergrated in one’s Joe collection. I always thought Stalker would have to be played by Samuel L. Jackson to be perfect… so there you go.