April Issue of latest GIJCC Newsletter hitting mailboxes soon…

GIJoeClub.com has posted an update to their site saying that April newsletters are on their way to their members, and gives a rundown of what to expect:

“Club Members should start checking their mailboxes for the April Issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Magazine. This issue features a look at the package art for the upcoming “Pursuit of Cobra” line as well as the full reveal for both the 3 3/4-inch and 12-inch G.I. Joe convention sets.

Plus, our monthly product reviews, G.I. Joe Club Dossier, “The Adventures of Big Lob” and more!”

They also have a pretty cool preview of the cover image featuring the Adventure Team Commander!  Check it out at the link above.  Convention time is fast approaching…really looking forward to it!

G.I. Joe: COBRA II Issue #3 already getting some love

Today is the official release day for G.I. Joe: Cobra II, Issue #3 (which becomes an ongoing series with Issue #5!), but already some sites are out there reviewing the latest installment, and early word on the street is damn good as expected.  Check out the reviews below, and once I get my hands on it (hopefully today or tomorrow) I’ll post some of my own thoughts as well.

Be warned, these reviews most likely contain spoilers!

Hasbro full rundown of Q & A answers

As part of the new Q & A process, Hasbro PR sends each site a full rundown of every question and answer sent to every site, and for your convenience, I’m mirrored the entire list below.  It saves some time from hitting every different site, even with the GeneralsJoes easy to navigate Q & A Page.  There are actually some decent answers this time around…  Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to see the full list.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra nominated for MTV Movie Awards

Yeah, I know, not exactly the Oscars, but the MTV Movie Awards has listed their nominations, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has 6 of them.  The nominations are below:

Hmmm…well, we all know the MTV Movie Awards are cheese-worthy and are more for the spectacle than the actual awards…and any award that considers Channing Tatum for anything based on his role in The Rise of Cobra doesn’t get much confidence from me.

But hey, slow news day, so there ya go.  Hit up MTV.com for the full run down.

Kick Ass Custom – Pursuit of Cobra Sandstorm

Long time buddy of mine Kevin has a special talent…  he makes customs that are pulled straight from my sub-conscious.  He doesn’t go hogwild on the sculpting or alterations, but every change he makes, every paint app is nearly production quality.

So, when he showed me his latest custom, of the now destined to be unreleased Sandstorm, I immediately loved it.  He obviously used the Target exclusive as a minor influence…but only minor.  Using Zartan’s parts, Reactive Armor Duke, and some insane camouflage painting skills, Sandstorm has now come to life.

Should the GIJCC fill in the holes of 25th Anniversary product?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a little while…with rumors persisting that a lot of the o-ring product is probably too damaged to use, I can see the Club quickly running out of options for parts for the classic style figures.  As such, they’ll need to (by necessity) move on to the Anniversary construction.  No idea what the time frame on this might be (if it’s even the case) but I would imagine soon enough, we’ll see the migration over to the new style construction for GIJCC related product.

So, now the question is…  if the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club wanted to get some mileage out of the 25th Anniversary tooling, would you have any issues with them producing vintage homage figures like Dial Tone, Low Light, or Airtight as convention exclusives or membership incentive figures?

Considering the fact that Hasbro seems adamant that they’re not interested in fully revisiting the 25th Anniversary, so the Club may be our only chance of getting the critical holes filled in the cast for 25th Anniversary figures.  Yet, I still remember the furor that the Transformers Collectors’ Club endured when they produced the remaining Seekers as part of their Botcon exclusives a few years ago.

So, the question remains…  would you be willing to spend more money on convention or membership incentive figures to get the remaining figures in the 1986 – 1994 line up?  Would that be better than not getting them at all?  Or would that just be a slap in the face?

From my own perspective, I typically purchase the convention and membership incentive figures anyway, so I’d welcome getting these figures any chance we get.  It’s obvious Hasbro isn’t going to go out of their way to do it themselves, so isn’t a more expensive option better than nothing?


New Preorders and the “Last One” Sale at Past Generation Toys!

Don’t miss two great opportunities at Past Generation Toys this week. First off are new Marvel Universe preorders, including characters like Juggernaut, Colossus, Havok, and more!

We’re also continuing our “Last One” Sale, because we have over 200 items that are the last one in stock. If you wait on these, they may not be there tomorrow. For these items, 15% will be taken off the price at checkout, so it’s a great way to save on some cool figures!

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A close up look at the Pursuit of Cobra mail away Cobra Commander

In spite of how much “venom” (no pun intended) is thrown towards the updated Cobra Commander design for the Rise of Cobra, fandom praise on the Pursuit of Cobra mailaway version was surprisingly excessive.  With a slightly retooled head, some fancy vac-metalized parts and an array of kick ass accessories, many fans seemed ready to jump on the Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander bandwagon.

Then, during Toy Fair, it was revealed that Cobra Commander would no longer be a mail away, it was now going to be a “chase figure” in somewhat limited capacity.  Thankfully Hasbro did announce at the latest Q & A, that the figure would not be extremely hard to find, but it’s a retail figure, nonetheless.  And while the bulk of the figure remains the same, from the great Cobra themed packaging, to the chrome accents on the figure, there are some changes.  For instance, since the figure is no longer a mail away version, the shipping box obviously is no longer needed, the very cool letter from General Hawk is a thing of the past, and the most disappointing difference is that the HISS drone that was initially slated to come with the figure couldn’t make it through to the retail price point.

So, the mad dash has begun…  initial mail away Cobra Commanders have been available through illicit means for a short while, and now they’re at extremely high demand.  Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on one, and my gain is your gain.  I have to, of course, give a huge thanks to an old buddy of mine for hooking me up with this item, too.  He gave me a great deal on something that’s very tough to come by, and it made my month!

While I can’t bring myself to open the figure, I took a bunch of pictures, trying to get as much possible detail as I could, even through the haze of plastic clamshell.  I’ve posted the extensive gallery below…  enjoy!

Thoughts on G.I. Joe #16 around the web

As I’ve said a number of times over the past two weeks or so, it took 15 issues, but I’m slowly getting drawn into the IDW G.I. Joe universe in a way I hadn’t been previously, and it looks like I’m not alone.  Various sites across the web have already reviewed Issue #16, which hit comic shops yesterday.  This issue appears to focus on the Cobra side of things, specifically the Baroness and the progress of the MASS Device.  The writing is crisp, moves at a good pace, and we’re finally getting into the thick of things.

Of course, we started this whole MASS Device plotline over a year ago, and we’re just barely getting some payoff, but I suppose better late than never.  Check out the following sites to see what they thought of the latest release:

I’ll say this right now, too…  Robert Atkins is the shit.  Seriously.  His artwork really rocks on this title, and it’s only getting better.

IDW G.I. Joe solicitations for June, 2010

It’s that time of month again, and IDW gives us their full solicitations for June of 2010.  It looks like 2010 is going to be a big year for G.I. Joe in the comics world, even without a movie or a full run of action figures to keep hope alive.  It did take me a while, but I’m finally becoming at least somewhat invested in the IDW universe.  G.I. Joe #15 was a great read, G.I. Joe: Cobra has been fantastic (and is now an ongoing series!), and G.I. Joe: Origins has really been picking up steam as well.

June looks like it’s going to give us Zartan’s introduction to IDW in G.I. Joe: Origins, as well as a new take on Serpentor in G.I. Joe: Cobra.  Really looking forward to it, and IDW is doing a great job filling the holes in what could have been a tame year, G.I. Joe wise.  Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for the full details, and thanks to The Terror Drome for the announcement.

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