Target Exclusive “Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando” Reviewed!

Umm… what the hell?  Did I forget to post this?

As I was preparing the Past and Present set for review, I noticed that I had no link up on the Rise of Cobra Review Page for the Serpent Armor set that I reviewed like…I dunno…months ago?  Did I forget to post it?

I have no idea.  If I did, well, it’s posted now.  That’s a damn shame.  I love the set, and I figured I’d told everyone how much I loved it by now.  Go buy it if you can find any left.

3 thoughts on “Target Exclusive “Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando” Reviewed!

  1. Yeah, can’t find any. Never saw any either. I think this is the first item released since the onset of the 25th anniversary line that I have never seen at retail.
    Saw the Alpine set 3 times. Saw the Moccasin once. Even saw a clear Wraith finally. But no Snake Armor.

  2. See I think this would be the perfect armour for the BLACK MAJOR imagine this in the center with two RED SHADOW snake armours on the sides

    perfect for the BLack Major and the Red Shadows, screw cobra ! LOL

  3. The set is fun. I like the color scheme of the Viper Commando that comes with it. They’ve had several of these in Metro Atlanta.

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