Target Exclusive “Past and Present” Rockslide 2-Pack reviewed

So I haven’t really jumped all over the Past and Present idea…I mean, I absolutely love the concept, but there’s only so much Hasbro can do with it, and honestly, I didn’t think they started off very strongly with the Rockslide 2-pack.  I’ve already got two Rise of Cobra Rockslides, and I’ve got plenty of vintage Snow Jobs and Battle Bears, with no real desire to drop money for more.

Thankfully, GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger doesn’t agree, he picked up a set, and was awesome enough to submit a review!  You can check it out on the Rise of Cobra Reviews Page, or just hit it directly right here.

Just another one I owe him…

3 thoughts on “Target Exclusive “Past and Present” Rockslide 2-Pack reviewed

  1. Nice review. Think you can post some pics of the ROC Snow Job in the Polar Battle Bear? I want to know if he’ll fit.

  2. I’ve bought a few of these. I love this set. The repaint on the modern SJ makes him, in my opinion, the best SJ ever. I love the figure for headswapping to make a Joe snow army. I know many collectors have all of the old o-ring stuff, but there are a lot of us who are new or just coming back to these toys, so it’s fun to be able to have a figure of this style. I highly recommend this set.

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