Toy Fair Report Part 3 – G.I. Joe Resolute 7-Packs

Also a big hit with many of the collectors were the Resolute 7-Packs, hitting in August/September of 2010.  They will be available as online exclusives from the same vendors who offered the Cobra Island 7-Packs.  HasbroToyShop may get in on the action as well.  The lowdown is as follows:

G.I. Joe

  • Beachhead – Looks to have some new tooling with great gear and a very nice representation
  • Flint – Similar head, but might even be a new sculpt, plus new webgear and the very familiar shotgun shells on his forearm!  Hell yeah…  comes with the tactical shotgun we’ve seen down the road.
  • Arctic Duke – Looks to come with a new head sculpt and other new trimming to separate him from the 5-pack Jet Pack version.  I may be alone, but I love this addition.  Now where’s Scarlett??
  • Snake Eyes – Deco appears to be much the same as the single packed version, all I can think is that we’ll get some nice new accessories out of this one.  Maybe the flight pack that was slated to come with Jungle Storm Shadow?
  • Stalker – Tough to tell how elaborate his new head is, but he’s got some great webgear and awesome colors.  Can’t wait for this one.
  • Roadblock – Same as we’ve seen.  And still bad ass.
  • Scarlett – We’ve seen her in preproduction form here and there as well, and she looks the same as she did then, too, and is still a very nice rendition of the Resolute character.


  • Storm Shadow – The same one we’ve seen online, didn’t appear to be many changes
  • Alley-Viper – Nice new accessories over the Trooper base figure. Hot damn I need a bunch of these bad boys.
  • Firefly – Some nicely done new accessory tooling to give us a very authentic looking Resolute version of the Cobra Saboteur
  • Cobra Commander – Hasbro mentioned that he might have a vac metal face mask, but the sample did not…  he definitely comes with a new knife to slit the throats of incompetent crimson Troopers.  Yay!
  • Zartan – Holy crap this one took me by surprise.  Great uses of existing parts, with just enough new tooling to knock it out of the park.  Impressive.
  • Baroness – Uses the same old tooling, but in a new gray and black paint scheme that is much, MUCH improved over the baby blue.  Like it a lot.
  • Destro – Pretty much what we’ve seen.  Which, again, is awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Toy Fair Report Part 3 – G.I. Joe Resolute 7-Packs

  1. I am going to be soooo broke. The Alley Viper alone will make my wallet scream. And I’ll be getting at least 2 of the Joe pack. Lots of great tooling in these packs and well worth the wait.

  2. That Flint actually looks like he has a new head. I am loving these sets. Resolute is the best thing to happen to Joe in a loooong time.

  3. The Joe pack is awesome.

    However the Cobra one is pretty blah. Destro is cool, so is CC, but we have him already. The Alley Viper really sucks, why are his legs so weak looking??? And Baroness …well, not sure why they can’t get her right. Bout the only good looking Baroness is the one in that last 25th Cobra 5-pack.

    Still, will defeinately pick up the Joe pack and maybe pick up a few of the Cobras (like Destro)on E-Bay.

  4. I think the original 25th Zartan head would suit the reso. version better. He just looks like the spytroops Zartan with that head/cowl…YIKES.

    Baroness with her big head and all(lets hope they scale it down) looks really good in the second to last picture.

    I plan on buying both packs along with the single pack alley vipers. I’ll be using the resolute helmet that comes along with them.

    I love that storm shadow and Destro.
    Could they not have released the arctic CC. He would have gone well with arctic clad duke.

    These packs kick so much butt!!!

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