Toy Fair Report Part 3 – G.I. Joe Resolute 7-Packs

Also a big hit with many of the collectors were the Resolute 7-Packs, hitting in August/September of 2010.  They will be available as online exclusives from the same vendors who offered the Cobra Island 7-Packs.  HasbroToyShop may get in on the action as well.  The lowdown is as follows:

G.I. Joe

  • Beachhead – Looks to have some new tooling with great gear and a very nice representation
  • Flint – Similar head, but might even be a new sculpt, plus new webgear and the very familiar shotgun shells on his forearm!  Hell yeah…  comes with the tactical shotgun we’ve seen down the road.
  • Arctic Duke – Looks to come with a new head sculpt and other new trimming to separate him from the 5-pack Jet Pack version.  I may be alone, but I love this addition.  Now where’s Scarlett??
  • Snake Eyes – Deco appears to be much the same as the single packed version, all I can think is that we’ll get some nice new accessories out of this one.  Maybe the flight pack that was slated to come with Jungle Storm Shadow?
  • Stalker – Tough to tell how elaborate his new head is, but he’s got some great webgear and awesome colors.  Can’t wait for this one.
  • Roadblock – Same as we’ve seen.  And still bad ass.
  • Scarlett – We’ve seen her in preproduction form here and there as well, and she looks the same as she did then, too, and is still a very nice rendition of the Resolute character.


  • Storm Shadow – The same one we’ve seen online, didn’t appear to be many changes
  • Alley-Viper – Nice new accessories over the Trooper base figure. Hot damn I need a bunch of these bad boys.
  • Firefly – Some nicely done new accessory tooling to give us a very authentic looking Resolute version of the Cobra Saboteur
  • Cobra Commander – Hasbro mentioned that he might have a vac metal face mask, but the sample did not…  he definitely comes with a new knife to slit the throats of incompetent crimson Troopers.  Yay!
  • Zartan – Holy crap this one took me by surprise.  Great uses of existing parts, with just enough new tooling to knock it out of the park.  Impressive.
  • Baroness – Uses the same old tooling, but in a new gray and black paint scheme that is much, MUCH improved over the baby blue.  Like it a lot.
  • Destro – Pretty much what we’ve seen.  Which, again, is awesome.

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