Toy Fair Update – First Picture Push

I’m on a tight timeline, so you’ll have to excuse the rushed nature of these images, I promise I will take time to refine, crop, and organize them better as the weekend goes on (when I’m not running close to the wire for catching a train back home).

Until then… here’s what I got.

Resolute Figures

Not much was show on the presentation floor, and we don’t have official press pics yet.  Here are Flint, Zartan, and Scarlett:

Pursuit of Cobra Figures

Not everything was on the floor, but here’s what I’ve got for them, too, scatters of both Wave 1 and Wave 2:

Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles

Also, scatters of Wave 1 and Wave 2 for Alphas and Bravos:

Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits

Scattered images of the the Joe and Cobra Mechs: