Toy Fair Update – First Picture Push

I’m on a tight timeline, so you’ll have to excuse the rushed nature of these images, I promise I will take time to refine, crop, and organize them better as the weekend goes on (when I’m not running close to the wire for catching a train back home).

Until then… here’s what I got.

Resolute Figures

Not much was show on the presentation floor, and we don’t have official press pics yet.  Here are Flint, Zartan, and Scarlett:

Pursuit of Cobra Figures

Not everything was on the floor, but here’s what I’ve got for them, too, scatters of both Wave 1 and Wave 2:

Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles

Also, scatters of Wave 1 and Wave 2 for Alphas and Bravos:

Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits

Scattered images of the the Joe and Cobra Mechs:

7 thoughts on “Toy Fair Update – First Picture Push

  1. Great picks so far. Not a figure here I don’t like. Can’t wait to see if anything else pops up!

    BTW, do some of the POC figures look a bit different than the sneak peaks we’ve seen?

  2. i’m relieved I can post here since I can’t post on hisstank tonight.
    there’s some really cool stuff but some really odd stuff, too.
    seems there’s a lot of stuff going on that I predicted (ie the mail away CC being
    canceled to some effect). it’s gonna be a fun year either way.
    i’m sure we’ll see more at joecon.
    that Dusty is the hottness.

  3. Just to repeat what I said on JBL: Ditto Alexx. Wow. Love the look or Resolute, something about it just really struck a chord with me and the figs are perfect. Duke’s new head sculpt is a nice throwback to old school Duke. I also like the shiny Skeletor look of Cobra Commander: much better than the clear mask from the movie figs. Is that Dusty? Crap. He’s awesome. Recondo’s sweet too. The two of them are the only for sure “Must Buys” from the set. The VAMP looks like it’s made of win. The SnowCat and Rage are nice too, if you need ’em. Anyone know who’s driving the new AWE?

  4. Looks like all the spring-loaded missile launchers got dropped from the single carded figures. Which is fine if that’s what knocks the price down a buck and most of them were ridiculous looking anyway but I really liked stuff like Cobra Commander’s HISS Drone and Beach-Head’s PAC/RAT.

    Speaking of CC’s HISS Drone was that and the HISS Scout and their ability to connect to the larger HISS dropped?

  5. AWESOME! I am a happy Joe fan! Can’t wait to see more, but is that Alley Viper also the Resolute one? Or.. Regardless, I will army build that sucker!

    Gonna be a fun year!

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