Toys “R” Us Sting Raider reviewed

GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger got his hands on the recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Sting Raider w/ Copperhead & Swamp Viper and has reviewed the vehicle for us right here!

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7 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us Sting Raider reviewed

  1. Yeah, I barely tough the first one, so I decided to skip this one, though I love the AVAC mold they used for the Swamp Viper (changing those arms was a great idea). It looks fantastic, though! If I hadn’t gotten the first one I’d totally get this.

  2. Great review but I don’t think we got to see enough of the vehicle.

    When are you going to review the Pitt that you got after Christmas?

  3. How does this “Hidden Drone for secret missions” look like? Is it new or did it come with the original 25th version?

  4. The “hidden drone” is the same torpedo item that slips inside a slot on the bottom of the craft — same as on the original and 25th Anniversary release. It’s a little ski-pedo thing with a clear plastic top that shows off some little machinery bits molded into the ski — pretty sweet.

    Overall, Justin, I agree with your enthusiasm for this hot item. The colors are really, really impressive and I will be adventurous enough to say I like it a lot better than the original blue/teal colors.

    The Swamp Viper is slightly odd in the sense that you don’t think of someone traversing a swamp/jungle environment in a full suit of body-armor rather than it just being an AVAC repaint. Maybe the suit internal climate control? Or maybe it doubles as a dive suit? Either way, I find the Copperhead figure to be far more charismatic and think he looks best manning the turreted gun rather than being underneath the pilot canopy!

  5. How does the engine cover and storage compartments rate compared to the original crafts forms, in your opinions?

    That little drone seems more updated on the packages pic, too, compared to what I had with my Tiger Shark. I missed the 1st Sting Raider in the store almost completely, so I don’t know what’s what on the updated on this thing.

    Also, totally just me, but I think if I ever get some design input, I’d replace that air boat fan with a pair of turbo-props (or even strait jet engine tubes) that are smaller and aim off the back of the side troop platforms. I think that would open up that whole back area behind the turret for more use (more cargo, another trooper, etc.).
    I like the swamp cruiser as it is, but I would like something that could be a cross between a ’90 Piranha and the Hydrofoil.

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