G.I. Joe Convention Set Reveal starts of slow, but VERY cool… the O-Ring RETURNS

So, those of us waiting with baited breath will have to wait just a touch longer as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has not yet debuted the brochure for the 2010 Convention in Providence.  However, they have thrown us a very nice bone!  The 2010 JoeCon Page has been updated with the following information:

– We know each of you are anxiously awaiting the posting of the GIJoeCon 2010 information
and registration forms. The forms have been finished since the first of this week but unfortunately, we have been
waiting on confirmation of a very special event at the convention, so we cannot post them just yet.

So, we have decided to give you a sneak preview at the 3 3/4″ Real American Hero convention set:

Our 2010 set features the return of the classic O-Ring style action figures. Our first exciting reveal is the mysterious COBRA INTERROGATOR. This unique and exclusive figure will have a brand new head sculpt that includes a removable helmet for the first time ever!”

And then they make me one happy Joefan.  While we’ve seen no confirmation yet of the Red Shadows, including Interrogator in the set just ROCKS.  Anyone who reads my dio-stories knows how much of a fan I am of The Interrogator, and having an updated version in classic o-ring format makes me very happy.  Taking one look at the filecard art as well, just confirms to me, too that this is a vintage style o-ring figure as well.  No doubt in my mind he’s using the torso from the 1991 Snake Eyes.  I really can’t wait to see more…if Hit & Run ends up in here anywhere, I may just plotz.

I did mirror the Interrogator image below, but please keep your eyes on GIJoeCon.com for the latest news and information on the 2010 G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention!

26 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention Set Reveal starts of slow, but VERY cool… the O-Ring RETURNS

  1. Ugh. O-ring. It’s clearly not the Shadows. My guess is The Plague. That will be the only way this set ends up in my collection.

  2. Special event = Hasbro offices tour. They did the same thing for the Transformers fans back when their con was in Rhode Island. I’d be VERY surprised if they didn’t at least make an honest effort to do the same for Joe fans. They are making a big deal about this convention returning home so if they don’t get a tour of the offices then I’d be very upset.

  3. Anybody else think the torso in the art kind of looks like the torso from the Low-Light figure from the 90s?

  4. Unless the set is going to be The Plague vs the Red Shadows.

    Or maybe our crimons friends will be the 3 pack for this year?

    yeah, I know. I’m pipedreaming. But you have to admit, its an imaginative pipedream

  5. Man, I’m trying sooooo hard not to be judgemental until I’ve seen the whole shabang, but jeez, those O-rings are really making that hard. What a disappointment! At first I was excited about possibly having all 13 of the Plague troopers made, but honestly, I think I’ll be far more miffed if we get the Plague in anything but the ME line. I feel bad for Master Collector on this one…they really can’t win for losing no matter what tooling they decide to go with. Lol.

  6. Wow. I was just checking out the other sites and the Joe fans are split down the center from ME and O-ring supporters. Just when we were all starting to heal from ROC…

  7. I like the Interrogator, the original one. He’s definitely one in my Cobra upper ranks, and really have only liked him more and more over the years.

    Think the new-sculpt/ DTC tooling will mesh into classic o-ring on this set?

    I’m actually on the fence for sculpt style myself. I’d like to think the overall intent of the club-to make really, really good figure characters-they would use the best options they have available to get that good idea into form.

    Interrogator, cool!

  8. I am totally in awe of the Interrogator as a COBRA top level character. To flesh him out like this as they always do with their storyline additions for Con-Comics and other print material will be GOLDEN. This is actually the first Con-Set I am looking forward too. Let’s hope the rest of it goes for the good and not down the redux lanes.

    Red Shadows really need to get some lub from the Club soon too. Perhaps there is yet hope.

    If the Plague surfaces, it can only be a good thing. Fans have been asking for that for years now.

  9. O-Ring means a no buy. The toyline has evolved beyond this. Even if it had been the Red Shadows which I was hoping for I still would of passed if they were with O-ring construction.

    I keep getting accused of living in the past and not being able to accept change in the GIJoe line (ie RoC), but these must be aimed at people stuck even further in the past than myself. Great for them, bad for everyone else. Although, on that note, if the O-ring stuff is what aome people like, then I’m glad these are coming out as that way those people get something new as well, seeing as everything in stores nowadays is new mold.

    Ah well, more money for Blu-rays and Magic cards ;)

  10. Here’s an interesting thought regarding the rumored crimson aspect of the set. Crimson Guard. Interrogator as the leader with 6 Crimson Guard Troopers in combat gear and 6 Crimson Guard Immortals. With Doctor Venom and Firefly for the other two named characters. The card art shows Interrogator in his traditional colors so I doubt the Plague is where they’re going with it. Instead I predict the Crimson Shadow Guard. With Interrogator in more combat ready gear I can see them putting the CGs in something similar and tell me you guys wouldn’t pee yourselves over the classic Immortal tooling in black and silver.

    Just a thought.

  11. The rumored Crimson aspect can still work with the theory that this is the Plague. One of the Plague members did get recruited from the Crimson Guard Immortals.

    To me the Interrogator doesn’t look like he’s in traditional colors. I’m sticking with the theory that this set is the Plague. The figures will most likely be following what was done in the TRU 6pack and have the Plague in more diverse costumes rather than just black sweaters with individual helmets

  12. Well, keep in mind, we don’t yet know the storyline behind the set. For all we know the story could be about Cobra forming an alliance with the Red Shadows, sort of like the Operation Anaconda set from 2003. If so, the Interrogator could just be one of the Cobra representatives for the meeting/operation. After all, they’ve done almost everyone else among the Cobra High Command, and Interrogator will work as well as anyone in that regard.

    Remember, there are 15 figures in these convention sets. Plenty of room to have several named Cobra and Red Shadows characters, and still give us a half dozen or so Red Shadows troopers. I certainly HOPE the Red Shadows are part of the set, and the whole thing with the clues isn’t some sort of bad joke on the part of the Club. But based on the return of O-ring style figures for the set after last year’s uproar, I don’t think they’re THAT stupid.

    Last year was an accident, I don’t think they intended or anticipated that their clues would lead many fans to think it was the Red Shadows in the set. Or how disappointed those fans would be when they found out it wasn’t. But this is different. This would be intentional misdirection, designed to torque people off for the sake a quick: “Psych! We got you again!” practical joke. No, such a thing would not go over well at all IMHO.

    But I give them more credit then to do something as dumb as that. Not after last year. Or the backlash over the April Fool’s joke with the Headhunter set the year before that. So, I’m not calling it a swerve. Not yet anyway. For now, I say they’re just holding off showing any of the Red Shadows figures until they release the brochure. That’s my theory at least. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But until then, Nothing to do but wait and see.

    On the other hand, I’m surprised by some of the reactions to the use of O-ring style figures. Does this really surprise anyone? I thought it was a forgone conclusion after the backlash over the use of Anniversary figures last year. Only the news from last year’s Con that Hasbro had destroyed and disposed of a large number of damaged RAH molds cast any doubt on my certainty that we’d get O-ring figures this year. IMHO at least.

    The Club really can’t win here, can they? When they used Anniversary figures, people got mad at them. And now when they switch back to classic molds, people STILL get mad at them. I mean what are they supposed to do? Cater to the fans of the classic designs, or to the fans who’ve abandoned the older style figures in favor of the new ones? Either way, some people are going to end up angry and disappointed.

  13. If all the exclusives are going to be shown in the brochure this year (that’s the way I read it) there is really no telling if the Interrogator is part of the box set or an attendee exclusive. So like Mary Swanson said… there’s still a chance.

  14. “The Club really can’t win here, can they? When they used Anniversary figures, people got mad at them. And now when they switch back to classic molds, people STILL get mad at them.”

    While I know a fair number of ARAH die-hards were pissed about the use of the new construction, a lot of the anger came from the fact that they simply re-did an older set, but with the new bodies. And not one of the interesting sets either.

  15. Granted Hypnohustler. To a number of people the rehash of an older set WAS the more serious issue. But my point is that just as their were, as you say, a fair number of ARAH die-hards were pissed about the use of the new construction last year, there seem to be a fair number of Anniversary die-hards who are angry about the use of classic construction this year.

    There’s no way for the Club to make both groups happy. Short of doing alternate RAH and Anniversary versions of every set and exclusive they do. And that would be prohibitively expensive. No, The best the Club can do is to use different styles of tooling for different sets and exclusives, and hope fans of each style can find something to enjoy.

    I wasn’t too happy about them switching the 3 3/4″ Adventure Team sets to Anniversary style. For the premium the Club charges for exclusives, I’d rather get a style of action figure I can’t any longer find readily at retail. But I can accept it, or pass on them and hope that some RAH and/or New-Sculpt tooling will be used for other exclusives.

  16. I’m not liking the tactical vest over the coat look now. This doesn’t seem right or functional.

    (Guesses: Undertow head underneath? Interrogator is actually Crystal Ball? :O)

  17. This looks like an Interrogator designed to fit in with the previous Plague figures which I think were better looking than DDP’s black sweaters with old helmets designs. I’m guessing a masked head underneath with a removable Cobra Commander helmet from the Valor vs. Venom line. Has anyone ever really wanted to see Interrogator’s face? Then again they did make Copperhead with a removable helmet so you never know.

  18. I never really wanted to see Interrogators face… kinda got this guy’ character built up on my own in my head anyway. (I’m not sure I can take “official” back story change in my old age, now that I think about it.)

  19. “On the other hand, I’m surprised by some of the reactions to the use of O-ring style figures. Does this really surprise anyone?”

    The backlash was a mixture of multiple things. First, Brian had clearly stated that the con sets would stay ARAH-styled and that was later proven to be a lie. Second, 2009’s set was heavily criticized for being unimaginative as a simple rehash. Third, it used molds that were readily and recently in circulation, which gave the perception the set was really just overpriced for what you got.

    The return to an ARAH format is simply a response to the fan pressures from last year and the apparent sales flop of the 2009 set. Unfortunately, the Club’s niche market is one where they must appeal to purchasers through high quality, rarity (access to “limited edition” molds), and/or scarcity. There’s too much high quality RoC or 25th product available for them to compete economically (especially in a depressed economy) with Hasbro unless they provide a truly limited edition item. This sucks for the modern sculpt guys, but for the ARAH collectors, it’s a must have. Hell, I know I’ll be army building them this year and possibly putting down for two boxed and bagged sets.

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