Alexx Shorts Update – Toys “R” Us Doc!

Alexx continues on with his awesome “Alexx Shorts” reviews, this time around taking a look at the very recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Doc figure.  I know there’s been some outcry about his color scheme, but I think the figure looks really cool.  But then again, I loved the 90’s too, so what do I know, right?

Anyway, Alexx seems to love the figure as well, and shows it with a nice number of funny images…  see the original thread here, and the mirrored images below.

8 thoughts on “Alexx Shorts Update – Toys “R” Us Doc!

  1. Look kids, it’s Funskool Doc!

    Sorry, but it has been a while since there’s been a figure I wanted less than this one. I think it goes without saying those colors are awful. And the original accessories from the Firefly pack look ridiculous for a medic. This version of Doc may have starred in his first and last diostory.

    Though, knowing Justin, I may be wrong about that…

  2. Well, granted, I wasn’t serious throughout the review, but I was impressed by this figure much more than I thought I would be! (Then again, impressed or not, I’m never serious…)

    The colors, although bright, appealed to me because I’m tired of the realistic white camo snow guys that we’ve gotten a lot of. I know the bright stuff isn’t military, but the medic guys always seem to be wearing something bright, so it felt a little more realistic to me. Also, though you’re right about the crazy Firefly accessories, the guys in the thread have been coming up with some pretty convincing reasons for the stuff! Heck, one guy even said the explosives look like gauze with a stethescope around it. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me!

  3. I like it! Colors be darned, I like the accessories, and need a medic for my planned dio (which may never happen at this rate, but who’s askin’…) so this is pretty cool. DOC!

  4. I can’t understand the haters,
    Especially with all of the “Combat Medic” profiles on

    GI Joe has always had an element of comedy and insanity and that’s
    why I love this Doc.

  5. im getting him. a complaint about RoC was that it didnt “feel” like GI Joe. well, with doc, were back to the wrestling outfits! someone here, forgot who, sorry, stated that this doc feels like hes coducting an arctic rescue in conjunction with the coast guard. good enough for me…thats the story im adhering to. as far as the C-4 and other odd accessories, theyll just get thrown in a pieces/parts box anyway.

    i also agree with alexx about the camo. i LOVE cold weather figures, and that white/grey is getting a bit redundant.

    yes, doc is a bit bright, but thats no reason to deprive myself of some fun displaying a new figure.

  6. Like I said on JBL, love Alexx’s pics, and I like the fig. Sure, he’s bright. And I’m thinking about picking up another, pulling off its head, and making a tamer-colored Snow Doc, the accessories all kinda make sense to me (sine I don’t have a Firefly to base judgment on). I look at him more along the lines of a Coastie Rescue Team Doc, and less battlefield medic Doc.

  7. Maybe that’s why he wears sunglasses, so he will never see the dreadful colors of his uniforms! Great shots as always, Alexx!

  8. Har! A friend of mine just pointed out that Doc looks like he’s part of the UN Peackeeper force. Yo Pan-Global Joe!

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