Sideshow 12″ Flint Pre-Order is LIVE!

It’s up!  Haven’t gotten my newsletter yet, but apparently the pre-order is live.  Check ’em out below along with a pretty freaking awesome gallery of the figure:

Get ’em while they’re hot!!

Update on the Sideshow 12″ Flint Pre-Order

Yes, the pre-order is still happening today, just with the launch of the newsletter around 6:00 Pacific Time (which is 9:00 pm Eastern).  So, follow the action here on GeneralsJoes, we’ll post the second the newsletter hits and the pre-order goes live!  Click the way too familiar banner below, and big thanks to Mysterious Stranger and JustinX for calling Sideshow and getting the updated intel!

Flint 12-inch Figure

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Arctic Threat Doc available at

So far no sign of Shipwreck, but astute JoeBattleLines member Dusty Ayers has uncovered a listing for the Doc (Arctic Threat) Toys “R” Us exclusive online at!  Check it out right here.

G.I. Joe: Cobra II Issue #1 Reviews across the web

General reaction from the fandom as well as from the comics world at large is that the IDW G.I. Joe mythology is pretty slow, somewhat steady, and fairly non-exciting.  That is, with the exception of G.I. Joe: Cobra.  Across the board, G.I. Joe: Cobra has been getting absolutely rave reviews, with the latest installment, the G.I. Joe: Cobra Special winning an MTV Splash Page award.

Well, yesterday, the sequel to the ground-breaking mini-series arrived in comic stores everywhere, and folks across the web are already singing it’s praises.  Check out some reviews below.

Being the huge fan of G.I. Joe: Cobra that I am, I also read the book yesterday.  Yeah.  It rocked.

There wasn’t a whole lot of action, but it was chock-full of intrigue.  The art style is absolutely perfectly suited for a comic of this nature, the writing is excellent, and the character just oozes from the pages.  Croc Master, The Baroness, not to mention the obvious mystery of this newcomer who bares a striking resemblance to Jinx.  They’ve managed to get the Twins involved without them being ridiculous from day one, and to see their take on Croc Master and everything surrounding this new version of Cobra…well, it’s pretty damn thrilling.

It’s funny…I’m no big fan of the mainstream G.I. Joe book.  In fact, it’s left me fairly cold, with only a few injections of coolness.  But this Cobra book is almost making up for it.  They’re building Cobra up into such an awesome organization and mysterious entity that it has successfully MADE me care about the mainstream G.I. Joe book, even if that book hasn’t done it on its own.

The G.I. Joe: Cobra mini was fantastic.  The one-shot special was amazing.  The sequel, so far, twenty-two pages in, is keeping right up with the pace of the others, and I am loving it.

Pursuit of Cobra Pre-Production Snow Job reviewed!!

Big props to regular contributor Mysterious Stranger, who has come through nicely to fill a little hole in my Pursuit of Cobra Pre-Production review page.  To this point I hadn’t yet picked up the Arctic Threat Snow Job figure, just because I couldn’t quite figure out if I needed it early or not.  The more I see of it, the more I’m convinced I probably do.  I’ll wait until I get a closer look at it during Toy Fair to make my final judgement.

At any rate, Mysterious Stranger got his hands on one and was cool enough to do up a very nice review for me, and it’s posted right here!

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Flint Available for Pre-Order today?

When Sideshow gave us the sneak preview of their 12″ Flint last week, they mentioned that you would be able to pre-order with the launch of the newsletter today, January 28th!  I will try to be as on top of it as possible…click the banner below to check out Flint’s entry on!

Flint 12-inch Figure

EDIT – As GeneralsJoes contributor and Sideshow expert Mysterious Stranger points out, Sideshow’s language might be a bit flawed.  He’s thinking that perhaps the pre-order information will be in the newsletter today, and the actual pre-order might happen later on.  I’m starting to think he’s right, because so far, this hasn’t followed Sideshow’s typical MO for pre-order process.

Stay tuned…

GIJCC Adventure Team figures available at 2010 Convention

First Class subscribers are starting to get their G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletters in the mail, and while there doesn’t appear to be an update for the Convention Exclusive items, the Collectors’ Club does say that the first three Adventure Team figures will be available at JoeCon 2010!  I for one am really looking forward to these, especially the Doctor Venom.  It’s been too long…  it wasn’t specifically mentioned which three figures would be available, but the three we’ve seen images for so far are Dr. Venom, Air Adventurer w/ FANG Helicopter, and the Land Adventurer with a  Battle Blitz repaint.  Check out the gallery from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Panel at JoeCon last year:

Thanks to cmderinchief for the information.