Resolute 7-pack characters revealed on DeviantArt?

If there was one thing about the G.I. Joe: America’s Elite comic that I came away loving, it was Mike Bear’s art.  For whatever reason, I absolutely loved his drawing style, his action, and even the coloring…even as World War III sort of stumbled through it’s climax, the art shone through…and evidently Hasbro feels the same way, as they’ve enlisted in Mike Bear’s assistance for package art is recent years.

Apparently that’s continuing on in 2010, as Mike Bear’s DeviantArt page reveals some very cool looking package art for upcoming Hasbro products…including what appears to be the G.I. Joe: Resolute Boxed Sets!  Only three pieces are evident so far, Arctic Duke, Zartan, and Firefly, but good Lord do they look great.  Knowing Hasbro’s formula with the Cobra Island packs, I am officially ecstatic waiting for these 7-packs.  I’m not sure anyone saw Zartan coming….  this really opens the door for what else we might be getting.  A huge thanks to the Terror Drome for digging up this link!

Sure, there’s another Duke, and there will probably be another Snake Eyes, too, but seeing Zartan really makes me think our chances are pretty good for guys like Flint, Stalker, and Beachhead, who were all pretty central to the animation.  Bring it on, Hasbro!

14 thoughts on “Resolute 7-pack characters revealed on DeviantArt?

  1. Of COURSE there’s another Duke…*yawn*…More custom fodder I guess. you’d think with all the Chatums clogging the shelves right now–hey, that’s it! My new word for peg warmers is “Chatum”… Anyway, sorry to be negative, we ALL knew Duke would be in this set (and CC will be in the Cobra set) But considering this is the third resolute Duke we’ve gotten…YEESH! We don’t want or need this many Dukes,(Especially the Chatum ones)this set is supposed to be for COLLECTORS right? Why another stupid Duke…?

  2. I know I’m going to sound like a shameless fanboy, but this is one time I don’t mind another Duke. He spent a lot of time during the Resolute feature in his arctic gear, and if we’re getting a figure accurate to that look, all the better for me, especially if it’s got a new, toon accurate head sculpt.

    I’m the last guy who would pine for more Dukes, but this is one Duke that I’m actually looking forward to.

  3. Duke’s going to be Arctic SE / Frostbite’s torso, Resolute Duke arms and legs, and probably a new head. Great to make a custom Blizzard or Iceberg.

  4. I really wish these weren’t 8 months away, they would have been the perfect filler product for this period of the year. I’m fine with arctic Duke, as he’ll look nice in my planned Winter dio. I wanna see more!

  5. Looks like Firefly’s going to use the Resolute trooper body with a Firefly head and maybe and altered ROC Flash chest piece. Or it could be something new.

  6. Zartan looks like he uses some ROC Flash parts as well. Probably could work well for a Resolute Bludd as well.

  7. Well, I am glad you’re looking forward to it Justin, but I still can’t help but think that slot could be better filled by something else. I wouldn’t even mind yet another Snake Eyes at this point; I am THAT sick of Duke.

    Like I said, I don’t want to seem negative. I am still looking forward to these sets, But I have a kit-bashed 25th Duke I am satisfied with. All other Dukes are bound for the fodder bin…

  8. Well, Kitchen Viper, let’s not forget justin included THREE Dukes in his top 50 list, so there shouldn’t be a surprise here. But hey, if we put ANOTHER Duke in the darkest corner of the set, there’s plenty to be excited about! Zartan and Firefly? Totally Awesome!

  9. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Duke is in the set; they’ve never ignored him before, and they’re not about to now. I don’t think the thought: “Hey, you think there were too many Duke’s recently to warrent one in this pack?” had ever crossed thier minds.

    Anyway, looks cool so far! I’ve sorta go representations that I like of all these guys though, so I’m just really looking forward to that Reso Destro!

  10. A lot of obviously recognizable parts here. Duke might have a new head, but the torso is from Arctic Snake-Eyes while the arms and legs are from Resolute Duke.

    Firefly looks like he’s keeping the head, arms and legs of his TRU exclusive ROC figure, but will have either a different chest, or just a new vest over it.

    Zartan, though, I have no idea. He’ll probably reuse one of his 25th Anniversary heads (hopefully the first one with the cooler cowl!) but otherwise I’m stumped.

  11. Alright, so can we hazard a guess as to the final contents of these packs? For the Joe pack, I’m thinking the safe money goes to Arctic Duke, obviously, a recolored City Strike Snake-Eyes, Gung Ho (he was released, but not under the Resolute brand, so why not), Scarlett, Roadblock. After that…I’m thinking Flint and Stalker? Although I guess they may sneak a Tunnel Rat in.

    For the Cobra pack we now now Firefly and Zartan. Another CC is an overwhelming liklihood, as others have noted. Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow, certainly. And finally…an Alley Viper? Pretty easy tweak to the existing Resolute Trooper.

  12. Zartan looks to have RoC Flash arms and City Strike Snake Eyes legs.

    I really hope they at least give Firefly a new vest, because the Pit Trooper one just won’t look right, nor would RoC Flash.

    Looking forward to these, I just wish they were mass market, because online exclusives are generally too expensive to buy extras of for parts.

  13. I think that Zartan will have the original head with the boots of reso Roadblock and maybe the Alley Viper arms with added shoulder pads.

    Is anyone else mad crushing over Zartan’s weapon? Sweet!!!!

    Edit: I think the legs come from tripwire/Flash.

  14. Zartan looks cool, I’m probably still a bit more excited about the POC Sandstorm disguise version.

    As long as there’s a Roadblock in the GI Joe set, I’ll be happy to pick it up…

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