This is why a successful G.I. Joe movie is a GOOD thing

Like it or not, enjoy the film or not, this is indisputable proof that a successful film franchise for our favorite toy brand is a GOOD thing.  Behold the wonder of the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game trailer:

Like the G.I. Joe film, there are many Transformers purists who absolutely detest what Michael Bay has done to their characters and their toy brand, and many of them are totally validated in those opinions.  But I can assure 110% that without that multi billion dollar success of the Transformers brand, a video game like the one above would have NEVER been even considered.  I know we all have our issues with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (yes, even ME), but in the end, all I want is for the brand to be successful to the world at large, because great things can happen.

Can you imagine if a game like the one above was being considered for G.I. Joe?  Sure, the Rise of Cobra game was pretty bad by next gen standards, but so was the first Transformers movie game.  I understand that G.I. Joe will never reach the wide audience and acclaim of the Transformers brand, but here’s hoping there’s enough gas in the tank that we can get some decent film follow ups, and some cool tie in media and merchandise.

7 thoughts on “This is why a successful G.I. Joe movie is a GOOD thing

  1. Every time i play Call of Duty (in my opinion, the best war simulator), i imagine i’m fighting alonside rock n’ roll, stalker, flint, etc. Man, if somebody could make a game as good as CoD with the Gijoe Brand, it would be a dream come true. A few years back Activision released a Transformers Armada videogame for the Playstation 2, remember? That’s a pretty good game, so i expect this one to be pretty good as well. :)

  2. Funny how this trailer opens up literally copying the Joe vs. Cobra underwater battle from the film.
    Regarding the Rise of Cobra game…it was fun. I think too many people have been overly critical, hyper-critical to the franchise; and the video game – flaws and all – did a great job extending the Joe lore and film hype. I don’t think a CoD, or Metal Gear/Splinter Cell style of game would be helpful for G.I. Joe.

  3. As with many other things, I agree completely with the General in that the G.I. Joe movie, flaws and all, was still nothing but a good thing for the franchise and especially for us the fans. Whether we like it or not the TF and Joe movies have pushed two of our favorite childhood and adult icons back into the public limelight.
    Although I am going to disagree on the quality of the ROC video game. It was crap, plain and simple. But than again most movie based tie-in games usually are, just like the TF movie games were crap. However, because of the movies and the badly done Activision movie games, there’s enough momentum currently in the Transformers brand to make “War For Cybertron”, which I am DROOLING over. From the character designs, to the inclusion of long favorite G1 characters, to the “Gears of War” gameplay style, to the simple fact you can play as the Decepticons, this is the Transformers video game I have waited to play since I was 4.
    So yes, even with all the b****ing and moaning over “Rise of COBRA” and what the sequel may or may not be like, if these movies mean the possibility of getting a G.I. Joe video game, and other media tie-ins, as cool as WFC than it is a small price to pay.

  4. Electronic Arts need to make a first person G.I. Joe game using either the new Medal of Honor engine or the Battlefield engine.

  5. While the graphics are impressive, this is only a cinematics sequence. The ones for the Revenge of the Fallen were also impressive, but ultimately the game was bleh.

    I’ll reserve judgement for this when we see how the game actually plays.
    But if it’s good… I really hope GIJoe follows suit. Maybe throw in a character creator option for all of us with fan characters.

  6. Just curious: I´m not a TF fan, and the only difference I noted on the movie is the shape of bumblebee (VW/Camaro). What else did Michael Bay to offend the purists?

  7. “What else did Michael Bay to offend the purists?”

    He made $1.5 billion on two movies the purists wanted to fail. :)

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