G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Rip Attack vehicles spotted at retail

JoeCustoms members Jay and Chief have both posted sightings of the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Rip Attack Tiger Strike w/ Street-Viper and the Jetstorm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes at local stores (though there are no details as to which local stores they are).  Check out the original thread here, and the mirrored image below.

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Rip Attack vehicles spotted at retail

  1. im going to be VERY pissed if i find these stupid things before i find (if i ever do find) Kamakura.

  2. I am still waiting on the stuff we were looking at in November. I really want the Desert Battle RAM w/Sandstorm.

    Kamakura, I think I had to get on eBay. I saw one at TRU the other day too…

  3. @ TheMadGnome

    Cobra aligned or not, its the whirlwind im looking forward to.

    @ Hawkwinter

    garbage is right. classify these right up there with “rapid rollers” and “tough troopers”. (id throw “action battlers” and “combat heroes” in there, but i own one AB and several CHs……..guilty collecting pleasures: everyone needs at least one!)

  4. You guys want Kamakura? Head over to Mexico, you can find it here by tons! Also the doctor, night adder, red fang ninja, etc. Not to mention millions of the first wave Really cheap! Muy Barato!

  5. Kamakura is easy to come by where I live as well. City Strike Snake Eyes seems to be the one hard to find. This Rip Attack will stay on the shelves when I see it.

  6. I’ve never seen Kamakura or the Nano Viper at local retail. I’ve seen plenty of Doctors, City Strike Snakes Eyes, and Night adder but never the two I mentioned first.

  7. @ gung.heaux

    Aww c,mon. Combat Heroes are awesome. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. lol

    Besides, no one will ever think Combat Heroes are supposed to be part of the main line.

    But…..if some younger kids find joy in these Rip Attack vehicles then power to them I guess.

  8. @ Hawkwinter

    i think you misunderstood. i own all of the “25th” versions of combat heroes and 10 of the RoC versions. i actually like them. (also had tons of galactic heroes before hurricane Katrina and currently a handful of robot heroes too).
    i also didnt represent my action battlers correctly either—i have two: stormshadow and accelerator suit ripcord. (the $5 walmart clearance helped on those purchases)

    @ kamakura owners and finders

    glad some of you are finding kamakura….ive seen about 5 or 6 city strike snake eyes in the last three months or so, but not a single kamakura (or nano-viper. granted i dont want one, but id like to see it then reject it). (ive a friend keeping an eye out in dallas as well–hes yet to see one either.)

  9. Maybe the lack of Nano Vipers and Kamakura’s are due to some odd case assortment that stores are bringing in? I can’t see either being so popular a good percentage of people haven’t seen them at retail but find CS Snake Eyes often.

  10. @ gung.heaux

    Garbage is a little harsh. Unlike Rapid Rollers, these toys can fit Joe figures inside and interact nicely with them.

    The Tiger Snake would make for a great Dreadnok vehicle, as one of my acquaintances informed me. Put that ROC Monkeywrench in there and let mayhem rule!

    The toy cost 16.92$ Canadian here, so odds are it’d be somewhere around 10-13$ US when you find it. Well worth the price, IMO. Good decent-sized vehicle, figure (albeit accessory-less) and ripcord gimmick that works and is fun.

  11. gung.heaux, if you have and Aldi’s nearby you might want to check them out. My Aldi has about ten sitting there, so they are in abundance.
    I’m okay with Snake Eyes. He’s hard to come by, but I already own one.

  12. @ alpine

    nothing called Aldi’s near me, but thanks for the heads up.

    @ Jay

    yeah, maybe garbage isnt accurate. (though it wasnt my name-calling, i just agreed) i tend to look at Joe with my 36yr old collector’s eyes and re-directing my “kamakura anger” towards those rip-stik vehicles.
    let me find them, and then i can officially call them garbage.

    @ ndviper

    that has to be the case. ive seen the wave kamakura and the new goblin, i mean, fang ninja, several times, latest being tonight, and those two cant just be the ones sold. theyre just not there.

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