Kick Ass Customs – OreoBuilder’s Robot Rebellion

I don’t think enough fans really appreciate what we had during the “new sculpt” days…as I worked on my Top 15 figures of the past decade feature, I continued to be impressed by the designs we were getting from 2003 – 2006, it was just a bit unfortunate that the sculpting had some proportion and functional issues.  From a pure design standpoint, though, there was some awesome, impressive stuff.

Well, JoeCustoms member OreoBuilder took some of those great designs, as well as some thoughts of what was going to be “Robot Rebellion” (the follow up to Valor Vs. Venom) and produced some absolutely fantastic 25th Anniversary style customs using those designs as inspiration.  Seriously, these figures look SICK.  Quite a departure from your typical look, but amazing looking figures and near production level custom quality.  This is exactly why I’d love to see Hasbro dip into the 2000 – 2006 well when doing some of their 25th and Rise of Cobra style figures.  Even though lots of fans don’t have any attachment to that era, there is lots of great, credible inspiration that can be drawn from there.

3 thoughts on “Kick Ass Customs – OreoBuilder’s Robot Rebellion

  1. Awesome! They look great, and further make me lament the loss of that idea. Robot Rebellion would have been THE perfect theme for me, and I was liking where they were going with the interchangeable weaponry. It’s also another look into the fact that they won’t revisit recent new sculpts and redo them in the new style; there was a lot of great stuff then, and it’s all just interesting trivia now.

  2. I’ve seen a few cool designs from that era, but the disproportionate bodies made those series as a whole a HUGE step backward.

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