What do Zombies and G.I. Joe have in common? Sequel screenwriters revealed?

Collider first revealed this morning that they had heard that screenwriters had been inked for the upcoming follow up to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and now they have the name.  Or the pair of names as the case may be.

Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have apparently signed on to write the inevitable G.I. Joe sequel, according to Collider.com.  It’s a busy few days for the two writers as earlier in the week they were confirmed to be attached to the upcoming Deadpool feature film.

What does this mean for the G.I. Joe universe?  Tough to say…  Zombieland has been getting rave reviews for it’s effective blend of action, suspense, and comedy, and the duo was considered a perfect fit for the Deadpool project (even by notorious geek blog Topless Robot).  How does that translate to the G.I. Joe universe?  I actually think it could work exceedingly well.  It would definitely seem, though, that Paramount is taking a different tact with the sequel, and while they may continue to try and merge the fantastical with the military, I think this is a step in the right direction, and we could be in for a fun ride…if nothing else, the writers at least, have some serious geek street cred.

Let’s hope this story rings true, and look forward to the next roller coaster ride.  Yo Joe!

IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra wins award for excellence from MTV.com

When I received and reviewed an advanced copy of IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra Special, I knew it was… well… special.  Apparently I’m not alone.

MTV’s SplashPage has revealed their year end “Best Of” awards, and the G.I. Joe: Cobra Special received an award for excellence for “Best One-Shot Special”.  Here is what MTV had to say about the comic:

“Licensed properties tend to fly under the radar for most readers who aren’t a fan of the relevant property, but those who missed out on this issue overlooked a real gem. Writer Mike Costa scripts a story about the villainous twin brothers Tomax and Xamot Paoli that explores the dichotomy of the characters with a unique twist: the tale is is divided into two parts, with one offering Tomax’s take on a shared experience, and the other offering Xamot’s considerably different perspective on the same. The story is structured so that the book begins and ends with a similar set of scenes, tweaked slightly to indicate the characters’ diverging points of view, and their two stories meet (and diverge) in a common scene halfway through the issue. The issue is one of the year’s best not just because of the story itself, but because of the brilliant style in which the story’s presented.”

Great to see G.I. Joe getting some credit out there, especially the absolutely fantastic work that went into the G.I. Joe: Cobra Special.  It really was an impressive issue that was actually more successful (in my opinion) than the Watchmen issue that inspired it.  Thanks to YoJoe for the heads up!

Kick Ass Customs – OreoBuilder’s Robot Rebellion

I don’t think enough fans really appreciate what we had during the “new sculpt” days…as I worked on my Top 15 figures of the past decade feature, I continued to be impressed by the designs we were getting from 2003 – 2006, it was just a bit unfortunate that the sculpting had some proportion and functional issues.  From a pure design standpoint, though, there was some awesome, impressive stuff.

Well, JoeCustoms member OreoBuilder took some of those great designs, as well as some thoughts of what was going to be “Robot Rebellion” (the follow up to Valor Vs. Venom) and produced some absolutely fantastic 25th Anniversary style customs using those designs as inspiration.  Seriously, these figures look SICK.  Quite a departure from your typical look, but amazing looking figures and near production level custom quality.  This is exactly why I’d love to see Hasbro dip into the 2000 – 2006 well when doing some of their 25th and Rise of Cobra style figures.  Even though lots of fans don’t have any attachment to that era, there is lots of great, credible inspiration that can be drawn from there.

Walmart Exclusive Outpost Defender and Heatseeker Reviewed

I’ve had these in the hopper for a little while, and I’m just starting to kind of catch up a bit… these have also been posted to the Rise of Cobra Review Page.

Rumor – Screenwriter for G.I. Joe film sequel has been hired

Take what you will from this, but Hollywood website Collider.com is reporting from some “reliable sources” that a screenwriter has been hired by Paramount to begin work on a G.I. Joe movie sequel and that production is actively moving forward on the follow up to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

While many fans will bemoan this event, I think this is a good thing, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the G.I. Joe movie universe was “reconceived” a little bit for the sequel, perhaps for the better.  Time will tell, but it’s good to at least hear some information about it, however vague it might be.

Thanks to Mercer of JoeBattleLines for the intel.